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Celebrate Spring

How To Celebrate Spring

We thought it would never come. But now we have spent some time marvelling in the sun’s glow and enjoying the blossom, it’s time to get serious about Spring! We have some tips on making the most of the longer and warmer days... to refresh and air the house, and enjoy the flourishing of nature. After all, there is something immensely metaphorical about celebrating the refreshing powers of Spring.

Delight in your spring clean

As well as enjoying nature outdoors, Spring gives the opportunity to freshen up the indoors. Spring cleaning is a tradition which has roots in many different cultures across the world, although it seems in England to have come to the fore in Victorian times. It’s easy to imagine how much our houses would need a clean in the days of smoky chimneys, but even now London’s grime, mucky weather, and months of closed windows can take their toll. A deep clean can be very therapeutic, whether it is you or someone else taking care of it. There are lots of easy ways to make a difference.

Clean the windows
Opening windows and letting the breeze through is an important part of cleaning, but for times when they have to be shut, cleaning them outside and in helps you see the better light with clarity. To achieve the best results we recommend the "Good for Glass" spray from Mangle & Wringer. Made with lemon oil, it will be sure to leave your windows sparkly clear.

Wash curtains and blinds
Curtains and blinds can make a huge difference to the decor and impression of a room, but they pick up and retain dust and odours easily, leaving a room drab and musty. We operate a curtain home take down service so you don't have to go through the trouble of doing this yourself. We will then take them to our Atelier where they will be processed with our usual care, and come hang them back up once ready.

Clean household furnishings
Household fabrics such as chair and sofa covers, rugs and throws not only attract odours, but also the buildup of dirt from continual usage. Getting them back to the best state is simple. We clean everything from carpets to sofa covers in the most eco-friendly manner possible. We can even send in a specialist team to your home or business to rejuvenate your carpet in a matter of hours.

Give your bedding some love
Bedding deep cleaning is often neglected over the winter months when we are rather reliant on cuddling up in winter duvets and blankets. Airing bedding and mattresses can work wonders, but for feather duvets and pillows a professional clean is needed. Our specific process ensures that the pillows are thoroughly dried and brought back into their original shape. Once steam finished, then carefully folded and packaged so that they can be easily stored away.

Dust and polish to a shine
Now is the time to get to those hard to reach places and ornaments, or to achieve the shine on your floors which might have dulled over the last few months. All purpose cleaners can be good such as "Spray and Go" from Mangle & Wringer which removes grease, grime and odours from all washable surfaces. Also check out specific natural products for wooden floors, carpets or stone. The "natural floor cleaner" from BIO D is highly effective on a range of surfaces and is made from all natural ingredients. To give your wooden floors a bit of extra shine we recommend Mangle & Wringers Beeswax polish which feeds and nourishes the wood, giving you a great result with little effort.

Get the right natural products to clean your home

In order to make it very easy for you to tackle the whole house, we have provided some rather nice Spring Clean collections for the bathroom, kitchen & floors and furnishings . We like to think of these as a party bag for each room… Enjoy!


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