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Easy Dapper Winter Style Tips

While for some of us cold weather is a chance to cosy up and feel cuddly, we know that for some of the gents out there, it’s actually an opportunity to up the ante on style. For the Dapper Gent, here are some key tips to looking well turned out this winter.

Winter gives a great opportunity to be creative with the way you mix and match your clothes. Base layers of T-shirts or shirts, middle layers of shirts, cardigans, jumpers, blazers, light jackets can be cleverly matched under top layer coats or jackets. And whatever the layer, remember BLANC can clean or launder everything to keep it looking stylish, and to keep you feeling confident.
TOP TIP: 5 hand-finished shirts - £13.00

Scarves, gloves and hats are winter essentials. And they also enable you to luxuriate in some beautiful fabrics, weaves and soft wools. Don’t be nervous of them - our gentle cleaning process keeps cashmeres and fine wools in great shape.
TOP TIP: All fine wool gloves - 5% off

Ensuring your suits and jackets fit perfectly is a must. We all know the power of a well fitted suit, and you can keep that tailored look with some small alterations or maintenance, care of our expert tailor.
TOP TIP: Jacket sleeves shortening - from £27.50

There is no need to stick to a fleece all winter, there are other options which are also good at keeping you warm. This winter, it is time to appreciate cotton under layers or the warmth of fine wool. And don’t forget the leather jacket, a classic style statement and great protection from the wind. BLANC can buff up and give a new lease of life to your leather, as well as re-waxing your waxed jackets.
TOP TIP: Leather jacket cleaning - from £54.60

Keeping your feet warm during winter is a must. But keeping your leather shoes in good condition is essential too. Get your favourites reheeled or fixed if they are showing signs of wear. BLANC sell also some great brushes to keep you polished in every way.
TOP TIP: Shoe re-heeling - from £18.00


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