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Making Detox More Than Just A Resolution

As we enter 2018, the team at BLANC would like to share some thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions and Detox.

Last year saw several changes for us, and with new stores opening in the New Year, we are expecting to spread the word about natural living even further. We are also continuing to change our online and social media presence from BLANC clean to BLANC living… because a detoxified life should not just be about clothes cleaning, but a way of life.

BLANC is not only about eco-friendly cleaning; we want to go further. Eliminating toxicity in your home is easier than you might think. We love helping people adopt some lasting habits which care for health, family, and of course our planet, starting in the home. Here are some tips to adopt BLANC natural way of living, through some simple changes which will be easy to keep with long after January.


Switch from the standard household cleaning products to cleaner and greener ones. Find in our stores and on our online store a wide range of natural household products to help you cleaning - and detoxing - your home.


A healthy mind in a healthy body. First, eat the right food: we all know the importance of eating five pieces of fruits and/or vegetables a day, food that is not too high in fat, sugar or salt. And the way you take care of your body is just as important. At BLANC, we care for the health of your skin. That is why we use zero toxic chemicals when cleaning your clothes. Take care of your skin using natural soap, like our Marseille Body Soap made from pure olive oil!


Stop spending 5p for a bag each time you do a little bit of shopping.
Use plastic wisely: reuse and recycle. At BLANC we reuse our hangers and plastic bags. More than than, we are working hard on renewing our packaging to get rid of all plastic packaging we currently use and replace them with recycled and recyclable materials. More on that front in February! In the meantime please make sure to bring back all the packaging you can - that makes a huge difference.

New year, fresh start.


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