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The drop off and collect revolution is well under way! Meet the future of dry cleaning - our 24/7 Autovalet - the most convenient solution for busy lifestyles.

The Autovalet machine is located at our Marylebone store, and means you can safely drop off and collect your clothes outside of store opening hours, in fact  24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

We know many people work outside of traditional opening hours, or simply don’t like having to plan ahead around them. So when we opened our  Marylebone store, we were very focused on finding a way in which you can easily access your clean clothes, or drop off worn ones at times which suit you. It might sound like wizardry but it’s actually thanks to a revolutionary card operated ATM-style system, which has had great reviews.

Justus Goettemann

1 review

a year ago

"Blanc's dry cleaning is of a much higher quality than any other service I have tried in London in the past. They really have created a special process which ensures garments are cleaned in a sustainable, eco-friendly way preserving them in their original condition rather than wearing them out like traditional chemical dry cleaning does. The 24/7 access to the pick-up/drop-off booth is a significant plus for anyone working long hours. Highly recommended!"

How does it work?

It’s much easier than you would think, and completely secure. You enter through the door on the right side of the store which will open with your member card - simply slide it in the machine on the left of the door. Once inside our Drop Off/Collection room, you will find the Autovalet in front of you, some bags and forms to fill on your right, these forms will be resting on a chute where you will be able to put your clothes once you have filled everything out. You can follow the instructions below or refer to the video we made for you!

 Dropping off clothes:

  1. Put your clothes in a bag
  2. Fill in the drop-off form available next to the autovalet and place it in the bag
  3. Place your bag in the drop off box
  4. We will contact you shortly by email to confirm your order, or the next day if you have dropped off out of hours

Picking up clothes:

  1. Please insert your member card that you registered with us in store
  2. Please remove your card out
  3. Your clothes will come within 10-15s - the window will open (and then close) by itself, so don’t put your arm or fingers in
  4. Make sure you take all your belongings before leaving the store

Follow up

What if I have any issues?

Our system is very reliable, but just to give you peace of mind, don’t worry there are still very dedicated humans looking after you behind the machine! If you think any item may be missing please contact us as soon as possible to inform us of the situation (the sooner, the better). Always check your freshly collected laundry bag the same day, as the timeframe to report a missing garment is 24h. Any other issues please contact us immediately.

As our policy is to be completely transparent with our customers, and you can also refer to our terms & conditions.

What if I have specific garment cleaning or tailoring instructions?

The form that we provide you and to be put in your laundry bag is the communication between you and our staff. If your garment requires specific care, if you want some alterations or repairs, or if there is anything we need to know about one or several of your items, please specify it on the form.

What if I have questions?

For any questions or a demo, please get in touch with us.

You can reach us:

- directly on our email: info@blancclean.com

- via a contact form on our website

- via phone (0208 004 2630) where our Customer Care team will be delighted to answer your questions.

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