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Care For Your Evening Wear

Winter season is well and truly here. But in London that does not just mean cold… it means PARTIES!

Whatever type of soiree you have planned this year, be it an office party, a glitzy awards ceremony, a festive evening at the theatre, or a raucous Christmas gathering with friends and family… it’s time to get dressed!

At BLANC we know how much looking just right can make the evening that bit more special, so we’re here to help you sparkle. Our specialist care and gentle cleaning technology is perfect for those fabulous yet rather fancy items, and makes sure your black tie is impeccable. We clean naturally without the high temperatures of conventional dry cleaning, which protects embellishments and colour.

Lace or sparkles? Leather or silk? We know that the choice demands a lot of fittings before finding the right outfit. Once the choice is made, bring it to us - we can even remove some ornamental elements and sew them back on after cleaning . And gents can dazzle too- put on your most splendid suit and your finest shoes - bring them to us to smarten up… et voilà!

And if you need any adjustment before the big night, or if you really want that dress but it doesn't fit perfectly - no worries! You should never refrain yourself from buying an outfit because your body is different from the measures according to which it has been made. Our tailors are here to adjust it as if it had been made just for you! 

Our cleaning services can address any evidence of last year’s frivolities, and make sure any new additions to your wardrobe fit perfectly. Let your outfit reflect who you are: be breath-taking, the night is yours!


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