The BLANC Atelier Story

It has been wonderful to see how our natural dry cleaning concept has been welcomed by Londoners in Marylebone and Notting Hill.

But after three years of growth, and with our eye on several new store locations and a growing Home and Businesses Collection & Delivery service in Central London, it became clear that we had outgrown our production capacity and needed to take the next step up.

With our commitment to healthy and eco-friendly processes and soft and fresh results, we wanted to set up a new type of space; something very different from the traditional dry cleaning factory which is toxic to both the staff and surrounding environment.

In fact, we needed an “Atelier”! Not only is this in keeping with our French concept, but is also defined as:

“a workshop or studio, especially of an artist, artisan, or designer”.

This felt a good description of somewhere we could set up our sustainable and artisan processes - which include close and individual inspection and cleaning of garments and stains. In 2016 it became clear that we would need to custom-build a BLANC Atelier to clean all kinds of garments, fabrics and delicates in a natural way.

So we took our time searching for a large, bright space with good light where we could start our greenfield project. We needed to have a very good water supply (we are ‘wet’ dry cleaners after all!), parking for the vans and to be close to Central London for our staff and delivery drivers to get to easily.

When Ludovic Blanc first saw the charming big windows of 16 Gorst Road, then a 10,000 square foot old marble cutting factory in West London, he knew he had found the perfect space. On hearing the story of the previous residents, it felt like a good omen - it had previously housed two artisan family businesses in succession. Both a marble cutter and carpentry business had successfully outgrown the space making it feel like a very positive space to be. In the words of the previous tenants, it was a “Good Luck” building.

In June of 2016, after a huge renovation which included making the vintage walls up and flooring pristine and modern with resin and (lots of) white paint, we switched production to BLANC Atelier. We were delighted not to lose a single member of staff, despite relocating them from Marylebone, and gratified by the patience of our customers during a thankfully smooth process.

It’s no surprise our staff were happy to come to the space - it’s a light, airy working environment for them and a clean and healthy space for your clothes. It’s also ideal for implementing our sustainable and environmentally friendly processes throughout. Best of all, it means we are no longer limited by geography or capacity in our ability to serve more customers.

So if you have friends or family who don’t live near one of our stores, let us know and we can see if we can get our collection and delivery service out to them!


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