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Hygge, The Danish Secret To Happiness

We discover what the masters of Winter - the Danes - do to make the cold season more bearable. Take note: it’s called Hygge...

What is HYGGE?

Sitting on the sofa with your loved ones near the roaring fire… wool socks wrapping your feet and a cup of tea in your hands… talking about the small and big things in life… This is what HYGGE is all about.

Hard to define and even harder to pronounce, “hygge” (or “hue-gah”) is a Danish word that encompasses the feelings of cosiness, warmth, comfort, simplicity and togetherness. This word defies translation, but at least it can be summed up as the way of life that has made of Danes one of the happiest nations in the world.

How to become HYGGE?

The hygge way of life has surged in popularity over the past years. Want to adopt the Danish way to live well? Here is your starter kit:


    This is the book you need to start living the hygge way. This best-seller from Meik Wiking will teach you the art of creating the perfect hygge atmosphere and the essence of Danish happiness. Find it in our stores!

  • the THROW

    What is more hyggelig than a throw you can wrap yourself in when the night gets colder? We have got a couple for you to choose from

  • the JUMPER

    We all need a fluffy jumper to put on during winter time. Our tip: clean your knitwear with BLANC to get them back brighter and softer.

  • the SOCKS

    Warm feet, warm heart. Wool or cashmere, socks are an essential in the hygge life.

  • the CANDLE

    The candlelight is a must-have to set a warm and cosy - hygge - atmosphere. Our tip: place the candle in an elegant glass lantern to create a deliciously romantic atmosphere.


    Hanging over your dining table, the pendant light will create an intimate atmosphere, perfect to warm up long and cold winter nights. Pair it with the right light bulb!


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