Natural Cedar Moths Repellent | Pack of 20 Balls

Natural Cedar Moths Repellent | Pack of 20 Balls

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  • Set of 20 100% natural Cedar balls for your drawers
  • Excellent eco-friendly moths repellent
Our tip: to refresh the aroma, lightly sand the wood with sand paper and the protection will last a long time. You can also add cedar essential oil to refresh the scent and effectiveness.

    The natural oils in cedar wood repel insects - these incredibly efficient, 100% eco-friendly wooden balls are perfect for protecting and freshening your clothes whilst they are stored for the next cold season. There are no added chemicals, and cedar is a renewable and non-endangered species.

    You can keep them forever as you only need to refresh the smell by adding a few drops of cedar wood essential oil every few months to give the balls their original efficiency back!

    You need to use enough balls so that you can smell the fragrance, 3-5 per garment as a guide, and if the fabric is delicate, use tissue paper to prevent contact with the wood. 

    Available to pick up in store.


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