Small Shoehorn

Small Shoehorn

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This shoehorn is the perfect little helper, with the ideal size for handbags or pockets. 

After being cut from the raw material, cow horn, these beautiful shoehorns are formed over an open fire, shaped by hand, and polished with great care. Its great quality will last you for many years.

The cow horn is sourced ethically from renewable resources, often recycling a ’waste’ product from the meat industry. This makes it biodegradable and recyclable, making it a truly ecological product.

  • Made in the heart of Northern England
  • Made by Abbeyhorn
  • True leather strap with cow horn made product


How to maintain: Wash before first use. Hand wash using only tepid water. Use a mild soap. Never leave items soaking in water. Not microwave or dishwasher friendly. Avoid strong detergents and abrasive materials. Avoid contact with sharp utensils.

Dimensions: l: 11.5 cm 


Also available to pick up in store.

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