COVID-19 Special FAQ

COVID-19 Special FAQ

Yes, our drivers now operate with a no-contact policy, so please be informed we have asked them not to carry your garments and clean laundry bags into your home. Please refer to paragraph 'How do I use the home pick up & delivery service online?' below for more details.

Collection & deliveries are free for orders above £25, and there is a £5 delivery fee for all orders under £25. Note that a £5 fee is also charged if a delivery is missed because we were unable to deliver the order.

Our stores in Marylebone, Notting Hill, Chelsea and South Kensington are now open. Please note we are taking extra measures to make sure the store is safe for staff and customers including:

  • No cash payment
  • No tailoring fittings
  • No more than one customer in the store at once

Our Autovalet in Marylebone will be available 24/7 allowing you to safely drop off and collect your clothes outside of store opening hours.

In addition to that, we have adjusted our opening hours to:

Mon-Sat: 12am-6pm
Sun: Closed

We are providing all our usual Cleaning Services - wash & fold, delicate cleaning, shirt service, bed linen & bedding, leather care, curtains & rugs cleaning.

We will now be offering in-store fittings again: our experienced staff will be able to help with taking measurements and pinning your item. For more complex requests, you can schedule an in-store appointment with one of our professional tailors by emailing Note that all store managers and tailors are wearing masks and we have some masks available in store for our customers if needed. 

You can also use our Tailoring & Alterations service directly from home, as long as the work can be done based on instructions only (for example: shorten a dress by 5 cm). You can write instructions on the tailoring to be done in our online platform when booking your collection or by placing a note in the bag, and ideally add a “pin” where alteration is needed.

All store customers can create a BLANC online account (using the same email address as the one you previously provided us for your e-receipts) - don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance via email or phone.

If you have never used our webapp before, simply create an account in order to be able to book a home pick up and delivery. Click here to register an account with your email and - please make sure to use the same email address you initially provided us (the one where you receive our email notifications and e-receipts) so we can associate your online account with your customer information in our system.

1. Enter your postcode and select a time slot for the collection & for the delivery
2. Enter instructions if there is anything specific about your garments or preferences you’d like us to know about (otherwise, you can skip this step)
3. Review the summary and confirm booking  
4. Enter payment details - you will only be charged once your items have been collected and inspected in our Atelier. We will then send you an e-receipt with your itemised bill. Note your payment information is fully encrypted and secured by Verifone, and only the last 4 digits are saved in our system and visible to any of our team members.
5. You will then receive an email to confirm your booking.

Our driver will come at the agreed date & time to pick up your items.
In order to respect social distancing, our drivers operate a special contactless service: they will ring the bell (or call you) when they arrive at your address to pick up your clothes so you can leave your bags at the doorstep and step back 2 meters.
If you need to talk to them or ask a question, make sure to keep a 2-meter distance. Ideally, we would like to ask you to provide specific instructions about your cleaning or tailoring:
1. via the online booking platform, or
2. simply by placing a note inside the laundry bag.

Once your items have been cleaned and/or tailored, our driver will come at the agreed date & time to deliver them back to you.
They will, again, ring the bell (or call you) once they arrive at your address and ask you to leave your door apartment open so they can hang your garments on your door.
They will be equipped with hooks which can be placed above your door to hang the clothes. If you are a regular customer we will give you a hook, so you can keep for the next time and re-use indefinitely!

Whether you are usually a store or delivery customer, please head over to our online app to secure the slots that work best for you:
1. If you only want to arrange a delivery to receive your pending order ONLY > Book a delivery-only here
2. If you want your items back but also have some NEW items for us (extra home laundry, household items, or bedlinen for example) > Book a standard pick up & delivery here

We will deliver your pending order back at the same time as picking up your new items, and deliver the new cleaned items as per your chosen delivery slot.

If you haven’t used our online app before, you will be asked to create an online account as part of the booking process: it’s very simple and only takes a few seconds, please refer to the paragraph “How do I use the home pick up & delivery service online?” for more details.

We've been working extremely hard over the past few weeks to create a safe new workflow and careful processes for our Atelier team, our drivers - and for you of course. We will be taking extra garment handling measures, in accordance with the Public Health England's guidance, to ensure our service is safe for all to use:

  • Quarantining all items: to ensure a maximum safety, we will be storing unprocessed items in sealed bags in a quarantine zone for 24 hours before going ahead with any cleaning (the latest research suggests the virus is extremely unlikely to survive on fabric for more than 24h). We will maintain the same overall 3 days turnaround time as before by deploying more resources.
  • Additional disinfectant: We conducted some R&D to adapt our laundry and delicate cleaning cycles to the circumstances, and we are now adding a biodegradable virucidal additive to our usual cleaning cycles.
  • PPE: We have now received all the PPE we needed and all teams will be wearing protective equipment. Employees will disinfect hands or change gloves every 2 hours - and after each stop for drivers - and surfaces will be disinfected every 2 hours.
  • Safe distancing: We have re-organised our factory to enable social distancing in our workflow. The recommended safety distance of 2 meters will be respected at all times during work hours and breaks. Our drivers will operate with a no-contact policy, so please be informed we have asked them not to carry your garments and clean laundry bags into your home (a hook will be provided to you so they can hang clean garments on your door at delivery).

The latest research suggests the virus is extremely unlikely to survive on fabric for more than 24h and it is less likely to be transmitted from soft surfaces such as fabrics than frequently-touched hard surfaces, such as doorknobs or elevator buttons.
However, the safety of our staff and customers is our key priority, so we have taken extra garment handling measures to ensure our service is safe for all to use: we did some R&D to adapt our laundry and delicate cleaning cycles to the circumstances, and we are now adding a biodegradable virucidal additive to our usual cleaning cycles.

In addition to those measures, please note that, as per our usual process:
- all items go through a steaming process with temperatures above 100°C, well above the 60°C usually quoted by the scientific community as the temperature above which viruses struggle to survive
- clean items are packaged and stored individually in our facility, with no possible contact with incoming items.

We are still able to serve customers who are self-isolating but kindly request that you notify us of your situation if you are.

Yes, if you know someone who might not be able to do their laundry at the moment (for example for elderly people), you can create an online account for them with their personal information. Alternatively, you can provide them with our phone number and one of our Customer Care representatives will assist them to create their account and explain when their laundry will be collected and delivered back.

Yes, if your office is open, you can contact us and we will re-activate the weekly pick up & delivery of your items to clean.

You can now donate unwanted clothes via BLANC. We will clean & mend everything free of charge, and direct all items to the right charity or recycling partners.
To donate your items via our Home Pick up & Delivery service, simply add your donation bag to the rest of your order when entering your garment instructions online (right after selecting your pick up and delivery dates & times).
Please note we can only accept clothes & textile donations. Donations must be added to a regular pick up and delivery including cleaning or tailoring services - we unfortunately cannot proceed a booking for donations only.

Our e-shop is open. Please note that orders may take slightly longer to be fulfilled during this time period, however, we will keep you updated with any shipping information.

Our Customer Care service will be available via email from May 11th at, and via phone from May 18th (8am to 5pm Mon-Fri) on 020 8004 2630.

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