Price List

Eco Cleaning Prices

See below our indicative price list for the most common garments.

Shirt (>=5)


Shirt (<5)


+£1.20 for Folded

Blouse (>=5)


Blouse (<5)


Trousers £8.90
Suit £16.90
Jacket £10.90
Delicate blouse £8.40
Knitwear £9.90-£11.40
Dress £16.90
Skirt £10.70 - £13:70
Linen/Evening Shirt £4.50
Silk top/Shirt/Blouse £8.40
Basic Coat £15.90
Delicate Coat £18.90
Down-filled Coat £21.50
Down-filled coat £21.50
Scarf £8.30-£13.10
Silk tie £9.90
Cocktail/Evening dress £28.90-£67.90
Wedding dress £75.00-£400.00



If you have questions about what can be done, about any particular stain or fabric, please call us, send us an email at or come see us in person at the store. We will be delighted to help and provide a detailed quote.

Price supplements

Prices vary based on a number of factors including fabric, design, or if the items features specific delicate parts such as for example leather patches, beadings, lace, or heavy stains.


For designer brands, we apply a supplement of 30% to the standard prices listed above (+100% for luxury labels). This is to ensure a more specific care for these very delicate items as they are treated in our VIP lane, by our most experienced experts. It also provides a better cover for you in case something unexpected happens, as per our Terms & Conditions.

Owner's Risk

Kind note to our customers: any items without care labels will be cleaned at “owner’s risk” as we cannot accept liability for delicate garments without cleaning instructions. We will, of course, try our absolute best to provide our usual efficient clean.

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