Nicolas Vahé Apple Peeler/Slicer/Corer

Nicolas Vahé Apple Peeler/Slicer/Corer

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Nicolas Vahé is a French Chef, passionate about fine dining and kitchen decor. He partnered with House Doctor for a beautiful collection of kitchen tools, handy and so stylish.

This peeler/slicer, available in black or white, is the kitchen tool you most missed without even knowing it existed... No need to dread the huge fight with your knife to enjoy those perfect, juicy apples on your counter... now you have the magic tool!

Just attach the apple to the prongs, turn the handle and your apple is peeled, neatly sliced and efficiently cored in 10 seconds. What better way is there to encourage you to enjoy an apple a day? We personally have a new-found love for baking as well now that we don't have to spend 2 hours peeling, slicing and coring apples for our legendary rum/apple muffins...

You can also use the peeler/slicer with pears and potatoes!

  • Available in black or white
  • 3 Functions: Peeling, Coring & Slicing
  • Peels Apples, Pears and Potatoes
  • Rubber suction base can be vacuum clamped to keep the tool safely in place without slipping
  • Adjustable Blades

Dimensions: 25.5x11 cm, h.: 15.2 cm

Available to pick up in store.


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