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9 Mends and Alterations To Revive Your Clothes

At BLANC, we believe that the most sustainable fashion is the one you already have, which is why we offer not only eco-friendly cleaning services but also repairs and alterations – we can always find a way to give your clothes a lease of new life.

Along with the rise of fast fashion, the ‘make, do & mend’ mindset became long forgotten. Today, throwing away and buying new is often seen as the most convenient and cheapest option when a garment is damaged or doesn’t fit anymore. That is why we want to get the mending attitude back in fashion and help you make your clothes last longer. Here are nine simple mends and alterations to revive your wardrobe - believe us, your clothes will feel brand new when you wear them again!

mend and alter clothes

Why Mending Matters

A common myth about tailoring is that it’s expensive and time-consuming, but having your clothes professionally altered and repaired is not only a simple effort but it’s also an affordable solution to clothes that need an upgrade. Many people believe that buying new is cheaper than investing in caring for what you have, but if you count cost per wear, the tailor will most likely be your most wallet-friendly solution. Don’t believe us? Count on it yourself! Take an item’s purchase price, add the maintenance cost and then divide that with the number of times you wore it.

As the perception of clothing has changed through the filter of fast fashion, clothing waste has gone through the roof. In 2018, WRAP reported that a staggering 350 000 tonnes of clothing were sent to landfill in the UK alone. At BLANC, we are strong believers that clothes that are worth buying and wearing are worth repairing too! According to the Environmental Audit Committee, extending the life of a garment by nine extra months would reduce carbon, waste and water footprints by around 20%-30% each. By simply starting to mend your favourite fashion staples, they will last much longer – and the best part? It will be at no cost to the environment.

Mend your wardrobe

Another great benefit of tailoring is that it teaches you to fall back in love with your clothes. British consumers have an estimated £30 billion worth of clothing that they have not worn for a year lying in their wardrobes collecting dust. Sometimes adjusting the shape of an item, whether the fit isn’t perfect anymore or it’s just something you’ve grown tired of, is enough to give it a new lease of life.

You may not have to run every single item to the tailor, but we believe a professional service to be essential for the following pieces:

  • Your favourite wardrobe staples
  • Pants and skirts that need to be shortened
  • Quality classics and designer pieces
  • Professional wear and formal suits
  • Special occasion wear

Our tailors have more ways than one to work their magic, but we thought we’d take a closer look at some of the simple mends our tailors meet on a daily basis to revive your wardrobe.

1. Replacing zippers

Ever experienced an impossibly stuck zipper? It really is the most annoying thing - luckily it’s an easy fix and instead of replacing the entire garment, a professional tailor can simply replace the zipper!

Fixing clothes replace zipper

2. Taking up hems

Having the hems come off and hang at the bottom of your trousers might not be the look you’re after. Taking up hems is an easy fix and will help you get that clean-cut and put-together look.

3. Relining jackets and coats

The lining of a jacket can often get worn faster than the rest of the coat. In most cases, you can leave your coat to a tailor to reline it. Our tailors make sure that every detail is replicated precisely for a fully authentic result.

4. Shortening pants and skirts

Finding the right inseam length is a mission in itself, and then having to match that with the perfect waist size seems nearly impossible. Our tailors will adjust the length perfectly to your measurements and personal preferences.

5. Patching

The knees of your jeans and the elbows of your knitwear are often in the danger zone of getting damaged or worn out. Whatever the tear, a patch can always spice things up – not only will the garment then last longer, it will also have a new look.

6. Mending moth holes

Moths are very common in the UK, and if cedarwood hasn’t been introduced to your cupboards yet, chances are high that you are a victim of the little fabric eaters. The key is to fix small problems before they become big problems and fortunately, moth holes can be mended with invisible results.

Fixing moth holes clothes

7. Replacing buttons and repairing rips

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a garment in your wardrobe that has been left unused because of a missing button or a ripped seam. You’re most certainly not alone – we’ve all been there. Luckily, these are easy and wallet-friendly fixes.

8. Taking in blazer/jacket

This is probably one of the key alterations when it comes to having a good-looking suit jacket. If it’s a bit loose at the shoulders or at the back, you can always take it in for a perfect fit.

9. Making a vision into reality

Just the other week our Co-founder Mathilde thought the collar of her dress was a bit too far from her style and our tailors helped her make it into something she will cherish and love for a very long time. 

While replacing zips, relining jackets, taking up hems and altering clothes to fit perfectly is commonplace for the tailors at BLANC, they can handle more complex and advanced repairs and alterations as well. If you've got a vision for how to repurpose something you've had for a while but that doesn't fit any more, or an item bought from a vintage store that you want to make into something extra fabulous - why not book a free fitting consultation with one of our expert tailors? We have private fitting rooms in all our stores and our expert tailors will be delighted to help with measurements.


Alternatively, you can schedule a virtual consultation via Whatsapp. Our Tailors can explain how to pin items or how to take measurements before you schedule a collection & delivery online, or mail your items to us. Simply email us at info@blancliving.co to set up a call.  

Tailoring scissors

We hope you feel inspired to breathe new life into your favourite pieces and start mending rather than throwing away. Your wallet and the environment will thank you for it.

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