Dry Cleaning

Suits, cocktail dresses, jackets, scarves, evening shirts, fine blouses...
BLANC takes care of your most delicate garments. We use an expert non-toxic alternative to dry cleaning which can clean anything with a dry clean label and delivers a better quality clean.

Your delicates, lovingly hand treated.

Our specialists lovingly treat each garment by hand based on their expert knowledge of stain treatments, fabrics, and designer brands. Our eco cleaning technology and biodegradable detergents do the rest. This sympathetic and individual care for garments leaves them softer, brighter and fresher. Want to read more about our eco cleaning technologies? Find more information about Wet cleaning and Liquid CO2 cleaning.

Press Only service

We also offer a Press-only service (also called ironing-only or steam-only) for most delicate garments (for example dresses, suits, shirts). Simply let us know in your instructions while booking online, and we will apply a 30% discount to the usual cleaning price for the items that only require ironing.



Delicate top/blouse £9.80
Evening shirt £8.10
Knitwear £12.90
Linen shirt £5.50
Polo shirt £5.90



Suit trousers (suit bundle) £8.70
Trousers £9.90
Bermuda shorts £7.20
Jogging trousers £8.30
Leather trousers £52.40



Dress £18.60
Skirt £11.90
Jumpsuit (short) £23.90
Jumpsuit (long) £29.90
Cocktail dress (simple) £35.90
Evening dress £49.90
Wedding dress £Quote

Jackets & Coats


Suit jacket (suit bundle) £10.40
Jacket £13.90
Coat £24.90
Down-filled coat £34.90
Burberry raincoat £49.90
Moncler / Canada Goose £55.10
Leather jacket £62.90



Ski jacket £29.5
Ski trousers £24.5
Ski gloves £15.90



Silk tie £11.90
Gloves £11.90
Scarf/Shawl £14.40
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Don’t worry if you are unsure how your clothes should be treated, it is our job, not yours! Our expert cleaners will carefully examine all your items and clean them under the manufacturer’s instructions. If there’s any doubt or if we are unable to find a care label on the item, we will ask for your authorisation prior to proceeding.

We will try our best! To give us every possible chance of removing stains, please bring your stained item to us as soon as you can and let us know what originally caused it. On some occasions, unfortunately, there might be stains that we are simply unable to remove. If we believe removing a deep-set stain might alter the garment, we will always let you know.

We clean your clothes in our Atelier, an airy workshop just between Acton and Park Royal (you can read more about what a garment’s journey looks like in our Atelier). Just a note here, whilst most garments will always remain on the BLANC premises, some specialty items will be sent out to carefully selected, trusted partners from time to time for additional care.

Although we clean the same fabrics as traditional dry cleaners, we do not actually “dry” clean. Traditional dry cleaning processes soak clothes in toxic and carcinogenic chemicals, which can erode colour and stiffen material, not to mention it is extremely harmful to the environment and health of factory employees.

At BLANC, we have replaced this process with eco-technologies (including wet cleaning and liquid CO2 cleaning), which are the most sustainable and health-friendly methods of cleaning currently available - gentle on textile fibres, yet efficient on stains.

Generally, yes. Our process, which combines artisan care with expert tech, is suitable for most items, even the most delicate ones or those with a “dry clean only” care label.

However, if our in-house experts assess that better results would be achieved by using a solvent-based cleaning method for a specific item, we can send the item to our subcontractor to use a different cleaning technology, including solvents. In such a case, we will always let you know and ask for your authorisation prior to processing, you then decide if you want us to proceed.

Your clothes are in safe hands and incidents are extremely rare – but things happen and we do have a process for these too. In the unlikely event of damage or of an item going missing, please inform us within 24 hours of receiving your order back.

We will investigate any complaint promptly and pay fair compensation for damage or loss due to our negligence as outlined above. In the event of damage, if we determine we are responsible then we will seek to offer a cleaning credit in an amount agreed by both parties. Please refer to BLANC Terms and Conditions for more details.

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