Garment Eco-Cleaning Service

Wet Cleaning

At BLANC we use an artisan process of wet cleaning. We use biodegradable, health-friendly, non toxic detergents instead of the toxic and potentially carcinogenic PERC used by traditional dry cleaners. Anything with the dry clean label can be wet cleaned. Even better, the gentler process results in a brighter, fresher, softer clean.

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Press Only

Press-only (also called ironing-only or steam-only) is a service available for most garments (for example dresses, suits, shirts).

Turnaround time

Standard turnaround time is 3 days (clothes available from 6pm). Note that some items (for example silk ties, curtains, leather, tailoring) take longer to be processed and a timing will be provided at drop off.

We also offer a next day service: items dropped before 12pm will be ready after 5.30pm the following day for a 20% supplement. Such service is available in store but not for deliveries yet.

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