WE BELIEVE that the energy we put into the world should help improve it, because the most important thing in life is the world you build for your children.
WE THINK that we as a company can contribute to improving the life of our staff, customers & neighbours. We can do this by decreasing toxicity in cleaning and the environment, enabling our customers to live more healthily and inspiring change in our industry.
WE WALK THE TALK: we use a natural alternative to conventional dry cleaning which is suitable for everything with a dry clean label. Our technology replaces the soaking of clothes in toxic chemicals with expert use of biodegradable detergents in high tech gentle cycles.
WE PROMISE a high-quality clean, finish & service, natural processes & products, and convenience in everything we do.
WE ARE an artisan natural dry cleaner, tailor & launderer. Our award-winning concept stores sell a range of beautiful, natural homeware.
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