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Bed linen, duvets, pillows, sofa covers, curtains, rugs... We clean all household items, no matter how bulky! Our wet cleaning service will do its magic and keep your household looking as good as new.

Bedding & Bed linen

If your washing machine isn’t big enough to wash your sheets at home, or if you simply want your bed linen professionally cleaned without chemicals (if you have sensitive skin or allergies this is especially important, as regular dry cleaning may cause skin irritation), leave it to us and we will return your items with a fresh scent, and pressed to perfection!

We also offer a professional cleaning service for bedding items such as duvets and pillows, bedspreads, as well as feather filled mattress toppers which we clean in high capacity sophisticated machines that provide the space needed for those bulky items. We can take care of all kinds of fabrics and materials - whether polyester, feather, down, wool or silk filled. Our drying process will ensure that all items are thoroughly dried and brought back into their original shape as well. Bedding items are then carefully folded and packaged so that they can be easily stored away.

Bathroom & Kitchen items

Towels, tea towels, table linen and other oversized kitchen items can be sent to us to be cleaned as laundry on a regular basis. We can of course also press these if required. If you are a hotel or restaurant and would like us to collect and deliver from you on a regular basis, please get in touch and we can organise a special service for you.

Sofas & Upholstery

Little hands painted their first masterpiece with a Sharpie on your light grey sofa? That white armchair showing signs of age - and of your fondness for a nice cup of tea? Fear not - bring all fabric covers in (we've been known to collect whole armchairs) and leave the rest to us. Please note that the estimated turnaround time for sofa covers is between 1 to 2 weeks.

Rugs & Carpets

We clean all rugs in the most eco-friendly manner in London, in partnership with a trusted eco rug & carpet cleaner. Delicate high value rugs are usually sent to our specialist partner, and hand cleaned - using a wet cleaning process that is similar to what we use at the Atelier for high value garments. Note that due to the delicate nature of these items, the turnaround time is estimated between 1 to 3 weeks. For carpets we send in a specialist team who can visit your home or business and get the job done in an eco-friendly way in a matter of hours.


We operate a curtain home take-down service so you do not have to go through the trouble of doing this yourself. A member of staff will come and take down your curtains at the pre-arranged time, take them to our West London Atelier where they will be processed with our usual care, and come hang them back up once ready. It could not be simpler for you!

Flat sheets


Flat sheet - Single £6.90
Flat sheet - Double £7.90
Flat sheet - King £8.90

Fitted sheets


Fitted sheet - Single £7.90
Fitted sheet - Double £9.10
Fitted sheet - King £9.90

Duvet covers


Duvet cover - Single £9.90
Duvet cover - Double £12.10
Duvet cover - King £12.90

Mattress covers


Mattress cover - Single £14.90
Mattress cover - Double £18.90
Mattress cover - King £19.95



Duvet - Single £23.90
Duvet - Double £28.90
Duvet - King £33.90
Sleeping bag £22.90

+£5 if feather filled



Bedspread - Single £24.90
Bedspread - Double £29.95
Bedspread - King £34.90



Standard pillow £11.30
Feather-filled pillow £13.90
Pillowcase £3.25



Hand towel £3.20
Large towel £4.60
Extra Large towel £6.80



Curtains, Unlined £12.70
Curtains, Lined £16.00
Curtains, Heavy / Interlined £17.10
Curtains, High Value £19.80



Rugs, wool £41.90
Rugs, silk/ delicate £47.40
Rug repair service (incl fine persian rugs) £Quote

Cushions / sofa covers


Cushion Cover, Small £11.90
Cushion Cover, Medium £18.70
Cushion Cover, Large £26.90
Chair Cover £28.90
Settee, 2-seat £32.90
Settee, 3-seat £45.90
Arm Caps £21.90

Table linen


Napkins £2.00
Table cloth < 1.5sqm £10.50
Table cloth 1.5sqm-2sqm £12.10
Table cloth > 2sqm £14.30
Table napkin £2.40
Banquet £17.60
Sheepskin £37,50-£49.90
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Save yourself the trouble and time and book online so we can pick up and deliver your bulky items straight to your door. If you want to book a regular collection and delivery slot each week, just give us a call on 020 8004 2630 or email This saves having to deal with laundry and to re-book on a regular basis, and you can cancel at any time if you don’t need a delivery that week.

Standard bed linen and bedding items can be processed within our usual 3 days turnaround time. Items that are more complex or delicate, such as curtains and rugs, can take longer to process (between 1 and 3 weeks) - you can get in touch with our Customer Care team at for a more precise estimate.

Wet cleaning is better for your health as it completely removes the risk of exposure to PERC - it doesn’t use any! Consumers who use our wet cleaning service know that their items are well taken care of and will return home with a noticeably softer and fresher garment, free of any toxic chemicals that may be harmful to themselves and their families. It is a simple solution to reduce the exposure to unnecessary chemicals in your life, especially for items such as bed linen which are in direct contact with the skin.

Yes, we sell a range of eco-friendly products so you can take "cleaner" cleaning back home too! Browse our e-shop to order, and note that if you have a collection & delivery scheduled, you can request for your product order to be delivered to you together with your cleaned items free of charge!  

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