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For anyone who's got a packed schedule, our quality hand-finished shirt service is the perfect lifehack! At BLANC we provide a leading natural and quality hand-finished shirt service, and we can even pick up your clothes directly from your office!

Our Shirt Service process

We individually pre-spot all shirts to treat any stains directly and identify any specific requirement, focusing on a careful treatment of the collars and cuffs of the shirt. We then launder shirts at 30 degrees (unless a higher temperature is absolutely required) with the best quality, eco-label compliant, professional non-bio laundry detergents. Finally, we gently dry your shirts and finish by pressing (or ironing) each shirt by hand to the highest standard.

We offer two levels of service of finishing:

  • A basic service which involves basic hand finish and no crease on the sleeve
  • A premium service which offers in depth hand finished and the creation of crease on the sleeves

Shirts can be prepared on hanger, or folded

Fitting sustainable cleaning around your lifestyle

Home pick up and delivery is, of course, available for our shirt laundry service - we can even pick up and deliver your clothes directly from your office! Just another way to save time and make your life a little easier. We usually return shirts on hangers, but we also provide a folded shirt service, if you would prefer. This is extremely popular with our travelling customers or just for those who just definitely do not need any more clothes hangers!

5 pcs and more - Basic hand-finish


Men shirt - on hanger £3.12
Men shirt - folded £4.42
Ladies shirt - on hanger £3.90
Ladies shirt - folded £5.20

Premium hand-finished shirt service with crease : +£1.3
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shirts page for more info

Less than 5 pcs - Basic hand-finish


Men shirt - on hanger £3.90
Men shirt - folded £5.20
Ladies shirt - on hanger £4.40
Ladies shirt - folded £5.70

Premium hand-finished shirt service with crease : +£1.3
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shirts page for more info

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We will try our best! To give us every possible chance of removing stains, please bring your stained shirt to us as soon as you can and let us know what originally caused it. On some occasions, unfortunately, there might be stains that we are simply unable to remove. If we believe removing a deep-set stain might alter the shirt, we will always let you know.

As for any specific instructions, you can simply add an instruction while scheduling your booking online. If you’re visiting one of our stores, simply let the Store Manager know and we will save this instruction for you - we can even make it a permanent preference if you always want your shirts folded, so that you don’t have to specify this for your future orders.

If you don’t specify any packaging preferences, we will by default return your shirt on a hanger, protected with our 100% compostable garment covers. Folded shirts are delivered in 100% compostable shirt bags, and we use a shirt board, neck strip and clips to prevent any wrinkling and ensure it gets back to you as if it was brand new! All the cardboard packaging elements we use for folded shirts are recyclable.

Cleaning and pressing women’s shirts and blouses is more difficult than cleaning men’s shirts - most of the time they have a more tailored fit and various, non-standard styles. This means they require more time and attention in order to ensure a high-quality finish.

Absolutely! Our professional tailors can mend or alter your shirt for you, from minor repairs such as fixing buttons and repairing holes to shortening the sleeves and taking in the body of the shirt to make it more fitted. Read more about our Alterations & Repairs service here.

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