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Press Release

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Blanc Country & Town House

Country & Town House

A British Guide To Sustainability Inspired by Stella McCartney’s 2021 A to Z Manifesto, we bring you our guide to the...

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Blanc Stylist


Worklife | Mathilde Blanc Mathilde Blanc, 36, is the co-founder of eco-friendly dry cleaners Blanc. She lives in Ealing with...

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Blanc The Telegraph

The Telegraph

10 eco-friendly ways you should be washing your clothes Taking care of our clothes is a complicated business. Dry-cleaning is...

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Blanc What We See

What We See

BLANC Is Transforming The Dry Cleaning Industry While seeing major disruptions to traditional business models has become the norm, some...

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Blanc VOGUE Secret Address Book

VOGUE Secret Address Book

Who to know and where to go The stores and experts to keep your wardrobe on point, from cutting-edge labels...

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Blanc Business of Fashion

Business of Fashion

Can BLANC build the Net-A-Porter of Dry Cleaners? While most dry cleaners are unbranded local businesses whose idea of technology...

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My chemical romance When your wardrobe is your pride and joy, your dry-cleaner calls the shots. Sarah Harris searches for...

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Blanc The Guardian

The Guardian

Green crush: BLANC, the eco-friendly dry cleaners Here’s another tip on giving your wardrobe a sustainable makeover: clean your clothes...

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Blanc Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair

What to know The concept and results of dry cleaning are unimpressive – cleaning clothes with noxious chemicals, leaving garms...

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Blanc Psychologies Magazine

Psychologies Magazine

CARTE BLANC That astringent whiff you get from dry-cleaned clothes is "PERC", a toxic chemical solvent. BLANC, which has two...

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Blanc ELLE Decoration

ELLE Decoration

The Directory – Insider Guide  Nutritional therapist and health guru Eve Kalinik tells us the latest hotspots on the wellbeing scene. "the...

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Blanc Evening Standard

Evening Standard

London's Best Dry Cleaners Step over August’s lifeless corpse: it’s time to swap summer staples for the autumn/winter wardrobe.  But...

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Blanc Daily Mail

Daily Mail

Cleaning Episode Now, when a beautiful dress gets dirty, it is urgent to get it cleaned. (...)  We, alas, lost a precious...

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