Wedding Dresses

We are wedding dress experts. Our specialist tailors are here to make your dress fit to perfection. After the Big day we also clean and restore your dress so you can store and preserve it, or simply sell it.

Wedding Dresses fittings & cleaning

At BLANC, we offer a full range of wedding dress alterations, including taking in/out the hips or waist, shortening the straps, reshaping the train, restyling the neckline, altering the bustle, and adding bespoke embellishment. Our professional dressmakers will listen to your requirements and take your measurements in our Studio to ensure you get the perfect fit for a magical day. We can alter any type of wedding dress from bridal gowns purchased in bridal boutiques or department stores to vintage dresses that need to be restyled or resized. Have a dress that needs altering? Why not book a first Wedding Dress appointment to discuss your needs with one of our experienced tailors? Our Wedding Dress Studio is located in @ 85 Lower Sloane Street in Chelsea.

After the big day, we are also here to clean and restore your wedding dress so it can be stored and preserved, or sold - just remember that the earliest you bring it to us, the more chances we have to remove all of the stains and get the dress back to you as good as new! Had lots of fun and worried your dress might be a big job? You can let us know about your specific requirements for a custom quote. Simply visit one of our stores to speak to a Store Consultant, or contact our Customer Care team on 0208 004 2630 or via WhatsApp on 07930 681 692

Bridesmaid Dresses

Just like for wedding dresses, we can also alter bridesmaid dresses so they fit perfectly and look great on any body type! Not to mention that bridesmaid dresses have the capacity to be worn again for other occasions, so that’s one more reason for those to be altered and adjusted so they can be worn again and again.

Groom and Groomsmen's Suits

For the groom and groomsmen, we also offer alterations and cleaning services. One of our expert tailors will pin the wedding suit on you to adjust it to your size exactly. We can do anything from shortening or taking in the sleeves or the body of the jacket or the shirt, tapering the trousers, and any alterations based on your instructions.

Are you a wedding dress retailer and need a quote?

Are you a Wedding Dress retailer, with a high number of dresses to alter and/or clean? We have extensive experience with a number of boutiques, and can accommodate your customers for fittings in our Studio, in one of our other locations, or send one of our Tailors to yours for fitting appointments. Please click here to find out more or email directly to request a quote.




Wedding Dress Package


Includes the following for a basic dress £550
  • Take in french bustle
  • Lift shoulder
  • Take in waist
  • Shorten length

Additional Services


Take off / take out back lace £200
Add balla / corset £100
Take in sleeves £100
Order veil £350

Key Wedding Dress Questions Answered

Let us take the stress out of making your wedding dress fit just like it's meant to!

We recommend only booking your first fitting with us 2-3 months prior to your wedding. We like to ensure you are as close to your wedding date as possible, so you get the best idea of how you will look on your wedding day.

If you would like any more complex alterations to your dress i.e. adding lace, taking in the sleeves or anything more substantial, we recommend booking your first fitting 3 months prior to your wedding.

Check out our wedding dress timeline for our tips on how to get the perfect wedding dress, stress-free:

Our advice is… clean it after!

Some sample wedding dresses may require cleaning prior if there is any heavy staining, which we are happy to facilitate. Generally though, we recommend cleaning after altering, ensuring you receive a perfectly cleaned, altered and pressed wedding dress, ready for the big day!

To get the best out of your wedding dress fitting we recommend bringing the following:

  • The shoes you will wear on the day (essential for the fitting)
  • Your choice of veil
  • Any undergarments you would like to wear for the wedding

We provide a complimentary glass of Prosecco and a bottle of Fiji water during the fitting.

You’re welcome to bring up to 2 guests with you, making a party of 3 including yourself. Taking photos during the fitting is allowed and encouraged! Capturing these moments can add to the beautiful memories leading up to your wedding.

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