Leather Care

Any leather item to restore? You’ve come to the right place.
Here at BLANC, we offer a specialist Leather Care service and can clean and repair your leather bags, shoes, jackets, or any other item made of leather, suede or fur.

Care, Repair, Rewear

Leather is a very durable and flexible material, and when it’s cared for properly, it can last a very long time.⁠ BLANC has partnered with the best experts in the trade to provide the highest quality clean and and repair service for your:

  • Leather, suede & fur garments
  • Leather & suede bags⁠
  • Leather, suede and sheepskin shoes & boots

Leather Care process

Every item is carefully inspected for stains, dyes, potential weaknesses in order to assess the best cleaning method. General soiling and stains are removed using gentle, specialty chemicals and all items are then reconditioned using special oils to give a great finish and increase your item’s lifespan. We can also process any tailoring or alteration request on leather clothes and accessories. Note that leather items take longer to be processed and the turnaround time is estimated between 1 to 2 weeks.

Leather clothes cleaning


Trousers £70.35
Jacket £89.70
Skirt £56.6
Dress £86.8
Coat £88.1
Gloves £38.40

Fur clothes cleaning


Cardigan / gilet £66
Jacket £89.7
Shawl/ Cape £49
Hood collar £35.7
Coat (3/4 length) £103.1
Gloves £36.5

Women's shoes


Reheel £18.00
Reset and secure heels £52.10
New heels £82.80
Leather half soles £50.30
Rubber half soles £34.10
Leather long soles & heels £104.30
Rubber long soles and heels £90.00
Underpatch and secure soles £27.00
Leather toe pieces £23.30
Full leather innersole £36.00
Stretching shoes £19.70
Stretching boots £27.00

Men's shoes


Reheel £25.50
Reseat heel £19.85
Leather half sole £68.30
Leather half sole & heel £89.90
Underpatch and secure soles £27.00
Leather toe pieces £30.50
Leather inner socks half £19.70
Leather inner socks full £30.50
Stretch shoes or boots £19.70
New buckles £36.00
New eyelets or hooks £5.40
New boot zips £72.00

Handbags cleaning


Small bag cleaning by hand £72.00
Medium bag cleaning by hand £81.00
Large bag cleaning by hand £90.00

Handbags repairs


Shorten bag strap £110.00
Replace lock fitting set £135.00
Replace main zip £135.00
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You are welcome to provide your own bag - in which case please place a business card or note with your contact details in the bag (name, email, phone number). If you do not have a bag, our drivers will be pleased to provide you with one. If you need to separate your delicate garments from your Wash & Fold laundry, we can also provide bags for this too.

The lead time for Leather cleaning and repairs depends on the complexity of the process, but it usually takes longer than our other cleaning & repair services. If you are using our Home Pick up and Delivery service, we will let you know the estimated lead time once we have inspected your item and schedule a delivery date accordingly.

As for any specific instructions, you can simply add a comment while scheduling your online booking. If you’re visiting one of our stores, simply let the Store Manager know your specific requirements and we will take them into account when processing your item.

Your items are in safe hands and incidents are extremely rare – but things happen and we do have a process for these too. In the unlikely event of damage or of an item going missing, please inform us within 24 hours of receiving your order back. We will investigate any complaint promptly and pay fair compensation for damage or loss due to our negligence as outlined above. In the event of damage, if we determine we are responsible then we will seek to offer a cleaning credit in an amount agreed by both parties. Please refer to BLANC Terms and Conditions for more details.

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