How it works

How it works

Our Award-Winning Process

Did you know?

85%of dry cleaners use PERC, a very toxic solvent

* Known to be carcinogenic
* Already banned in France, Denmark and some US states

A little bit of myth busting about conventional dry cleaning...

Very few people know but dry cleaning is neither dry or clean: it consists of soaking clothes in toxic solvents which are then evaporated at very high temperatures.

Find our more about PERC and toxicity in conventional dry cleaning industry.

20% of fashion carbon emissions come from product use

* From washing, drying, ironing, etc.
* Source: McKinsey, 2020

Reducing the fashion impact with cleaning that doesn’t cost the Earth

Here at BLANC, we believe that the world needs a sustainable way of cleaning the many clothes it produces.
We use eco-technologies which are the most sustainable and health-friendly methods of cleaning currently available.

70% of clothes we throw away have irreversible damage

* Such as colour fading, stubborn stains or shrinking
* Source: Fashion Revolution

On a mission to make clothes last

The most sustainable fashion is the one already is our wardrobe. By caring for our clothes properly and repairing/mending them when needed, we can extend the lifespan of our clothes considerably. Good for the planet… and the wallet!

Our process, step by step



All the received items are individually inspected and images recorded with 4k high definition CCTV.

System tracking

System tracking

Each item is recorded in our system then tracked through the entire process via our smart barcodes.

Customer support

Customer support

Our customer care team is available by phone/ sms/ whatsapp to assist and answer any question.

Cleaning, ironing, drying, tailoring

Cleaning, ironing, drying, tailoring

Our best-in-class cleaners, ironers and tailors take care of clothes.

Quality control

Quality control

Our quality controllers inspect all items to ensure the best standards have been achieved.

Collection & Delivery

Collection & Delivery

Our turnaround is 3 working days and you can get a home delivery or choose to collect in store.



Store customers usually tell us they enjoy stepping into our airy central London outlets in Marylebone, Notting Hill, Chelsea or South Kensington


Ability to seek advice from an expert Store Assistant on cleaning issues or specific tailoring queries

Sustainable, curated laundry products available to purchase for home use

In-Store tailors available when dropping in for smaller jobs, or by appointment for more complex ones

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Liquid CO₂ Cleaning

Carbon dioxide is a non-toxic and naturally occurring gas which turns liquid when exposed to high pressure and becomes a super-efficient natural solvent.
It’s particularly good at tackling oil-based stains and enables to clean extremely delicate garments.


Enables to clean clothes with high colour contrast or structured fabrics

Very efficient on greasy stains

Completely non-toxic

Environmental Impact is minimal

The process involves no water waste

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Ozone Disinfection

The Ozonation process uses clean technology to break down the biological structure of bacteria, leaving items totally disinfected.

It is proven to sanitise items entirely, including against the coronavirus, while preventing unnecessary cleaning.


Removes all odours, including, sweat, mould and smoke

Sanitise items entirely

Chemical-free process that doesn’t use any cleaning solvents, fluids or powders

100% environmentally-friendly


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Don’t worry if you are unsure how your clothes should be treated, it is our job, not yours! Our expert cleaners will carefully examine all your items and clean them under the manufacturer’s instructions using the most suited technology. If there’s any doubt or if we are unable to find a care label on the item, we will ask for your authorisation prior to proceeding.

We will try our best! To give us every possible chance of removing stains, please bring your stained item to us as soon as you can and let us know what originally caused it. On some occasions, unfortunately, there might be stains that we are simply unable to remove. If we believe removing a deep-set stain might alter the garment, we will always let you know.

Generally, yes. Our process, which combines artisan care with expert tech, is suitable for most items, even the most delicate ones or those with a “dry clean only” care label.

However, if our in-house experts assess that better results would be achieved by using a solvent-based cleaning method for a specific item, we can send the item to our subcontractor to use a different cleaning technology, including solvents. In such a case, we will always let you know and ask for your authorisation prior to processing, you then decide if you want us to proceed.

We clean your clothes in our Atelier, an airy workshop just between Acton and Park Royal. Just a note here, whilst most garments will always remain on the BLANC premises, some specialty items will be sent out to carefully selected, trusted partners from time to time for additional care.

As we constantly strive to obtain the best clean while taking extra care of the most delicate fabrics, a lot of brides (including our owner!) have entrusted us with their wedding dress and we are expert at cleaning those pieces. Please note that the sooner you bring your dress in after your wedding, the better the results, as leaving little time for stains to set helps us clean with less risk to a better finish.

We can also clean other bespoke items - just ask one of your store assistants if you would like more information or to ask for a quote.

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