Laundry Wash & Fold

Why not take laundry off your to-do list and put it on ours?
For your everyday laundry, we offer a convenient ‘Wash & Fold’ service, priced by the load. We will wash your garments using eco-friendly detergents, tumble dry, then fold them with care.

Our Laundry Wash & Fold process

1. We sort your items into ‘lights’ and ‘darks’
We wash whites together with lights, and colours together with darks. We charge by the kilo instead of individually cleaning items. Please do not put any delicates (silks, cashmeres, linens or leathers) or alterations into your laundry bag!

2. We wash at 30°C with the best non-biological detergent
We wash all items at 30°C unless getting the best results absolutely requires a higher temperature. We use the highest quality, eco-label compliant, professional non-bio detergent for all W&F. No enzymes, no dyes, no phosphates. Not tested on animals!

3. We tumble dry & fold your clothes
We tumble dry all items, so please remove any items from your bag that cannot be tumble dried (viscose and cashmere items particularly dislike the tumble drier…). Finally we fold them with care before delivering them back to you, ready to be placed back in your wardrobe. Note that this service does not include pressing.

Rather be living life than doing laundry?

You can now take laundry off your to-do list and get it delivered to your home, sustainably cleaned, by scheduling a regular Home Pick up & Delivery twice a week. Contact us at and one of our Customer Care representatives will get in touch to schedule your preferred weekly slots. Our driver will then come to your home twice a week to pick up your laundry and deliver your cleaned items from the last pick up. There is, of course, no commitment and you can cancel and resume again at any time.

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Price per kg £8.30



Price per kg £5.00
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We kindly ask you to remove from your bag any item that cannot be tumble-dried - please note we cannot take responsibility for items included that should not be treated this way. We might contact you and recommend a different cleaning method for better results - any item cleaned individually will be charged separately, based on our usual prices.

Absolutely, you can include items such as bath towels, sheets and kitchen cloths, as long as the care label indicates that they can be tumble dried. Our high capacity sophisticated machines provide the space needed for bulky items, as well as our tumble dryers. Please note that your items won’t be pressed or steamed if they are processed via our Wash & Fold service - if you would like your items pressed, they will be charged separately, based on our usual prices.

We can definitely take care of your underwear - they will be processed with the rest of your laundry.

You are welcome to provide your own bag - in which case please place a business card or note with your contact details in the bag (name, email, phone number). If you do not have a bag, our drivers will be pleased to provide you with one. If you need to separate your items to Dry Clean from your Wash & Fold laundry, we can also provide bags for this too.

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