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Customer Service


Your booking

Don’t worry, this is our job not yours! And thankfully we are experts at dealing with all garments that come our way. When they arrive at our Atelier, your garments are examined carefully and then cleaned under the manufacturer's instructions. Our cleaning is as gentle as hand washing and delivers better results than traditional dry cleaning. If there’s any doubt or we can’t find a care label, we will clean at what we call “owner’s risk” (as we can sadly not accept any liability for garments where there are no instructions). If we feel there is really too much of a risk to your garment and we cannot get in touch with you, we will return the item to you uncleaned so there’s no possibility of damage to your item.

Having your clothes ready for us to pick up is all you have to do. Just separate delicate ‘dry clean’ garments from Wash & Fold laundry and place in two separate bags. This is because delicates and laundry are processed, cared for and charged in two different ways (per unit vs. weight). Please note that any “dry clean only” garments can of course be taken and cleaned with our alternative technology - we clean all garments and textiles so long as they have a care label. If we can’t find a care label, we will clean at what we call “owner’s risk” (as we can sadly not accept any liability for garments where there are no instructions). If you don’t have bags, no problem. Our drivers can provide you with bags to place your items into. They will come directly to your door to collect your clothes and will also give you a ‘drop off form’, which you can place into your bag with your contact details and special instructions (e.g. specific stains, tailoring & repair specifications etc.). Note also that, if you wish to, we can collect your clothes from and deliver them back to your porter. Simply put your contact details and any instructions on a piece of paper inside your bag and we can pick up from them in your absence.

We aim to collect your clothes, give them our expert care and attention and deliver them back within working 3 days. There might be some exceptions: In some instances your preferred delivery slot may not be available. This could be because we have already reached full capacity for that time slot, or because we do not visit your area as often as we would like yet - we are still a small business and while we are growing fast across central London, it may take us a little while more to cover your area to your full satisfaction. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and assure you that we are working very hard to increase our time slot capacity. Some items such as bedlinen, silk ties, or tailoring may take longer to process as they will be entrusted to various experts. The delivery timing will be provided to you as soon as the respective items have been inspected at our Atelier. On inspection we might consider that it will take longer to remove particularly difficult stains or other issues with fabrics. For items such as shoes, leather, curtains and rugs the turnaround time is estimated between 1 to 3 weeks, due to the delicate nature of these items. We offer an express service with 24 or 48 hours turnaround* in our stores and for specially agreed contracts/ customers, however due to logistical constraints this is not yet available to delivery customers. * additional charges apply.

In some instances your preferred delivery slot may not be available. This could be because we have already reached full capacity for that time slot, or because we do not visit your area as often as we would like to yet - we are still a small business and while we are growing fast across central London, it may take us a little while more to cover your area to your full satisfaction. We apologize for any inconvenience caused, and assure you that we are working very hard to increase our time slot capacity. Should you wish us to drop you a line whenever we start offering more time slots in your area, please send us an email at and we will add you to our mailing list!

We inspect every garment thoroughly before returning to you, to ensure that they meet our strict quality standards. It should be noted, however, that we cannot 100% guarantee the removal of any stains. Stain removal is often made easier if the stain is identified when you leave the garment with us, and our ability to remove it will depend on several factors such as the age of the stain, composition, previous attempts to clean, nature of the fabric and dye. It is important that you tell us if there are unusual stains and any information which could help us remove them as we can treat them before cleaning your garment (you can leave a note in your bag with any special comments or instructions). If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of our cleaning, we will happily re-clean and / or re-press your item free of charge, but we must be notified within 24h of delivery. The item will need to be unworn, returned in the original packaging and with the tags attached to the garment. If we suspect that the item has been worn, we reserve the right to refuse to re-clean or re-press. If an item is recleaned because a stain was not fully removed in the first clean, the reclean will be done at “owner’s risk”, as we will have to use a stronger method to try and remove the stain, which could result in discolouration or other potential damage.

At BLANC we are very, very big on re-using and recycling. Please do give any packaging items (hangers, plastic bags, collar stiffeners etc.) back to our driver. We re-use and recycle everything we can as part of our strong commitment to building a better world and cleaning up the dry-cleaning industry. This at the heart of our ethos and has the added benefit of helping you declutter your house!

You can provide your own bag, in which case please place a business card or note with your contact details within (name, email, mobile number). If you do not have any bags, our drivers will be pleased to provide them. If you need to separate your delicate garments from your Wash & Fold laundry, we can also provide bags to that effect - you only need to ask!


Setting up your account

As part of your first booking, you will be asked to “sign up” and create a BLANC online account - unique to you and password protected of course. You cannot complete a booking online with us unless you register your main contact details, such as names, address, phone number and email. We will need those to contact you - and to make sure you are you. Everyone must create an online account, even customers who have visited our stores in the past. This is the only way we can make sure that all of your online details are protected by a password that you, and you only, know and have access to. We kindly ask existing store customers who are creating their new online account to use the same email address provided to our stores - this ensures our system recognises you and that your online account is linked to our store system. If you use a different email address, our system will treat you as a brand new customer and be unable to pre-load your payment details. New customers can choose any email they like as we will creating a brand new account for them. Should you have any queries about the process of creating an online account, please feel free to reach out to us on 0208 004 2630 or to email, and a member of our Customer Care team will be happy to assist you.

To get in touch with our Customer Care team, the best way is to call us on 0208 004 2630 or email us: at if your request relates to a delivery or at if this is about feedback or complaints For any press enquiries please email For partnership enquiries please email

Certainly. Our online booking tool is available via the web on any device. Just click on “Hello, your name” to access your account details. Account Access from Landing Page In your account you can review and edit your contact details, access your active booking details to review or cancel a booking, review the payment details we have securely stored for you, or sign out.

You most certainly can. Our online booking tool accepts all types of Visa, Mastercard and American Express cards. This includes European and non-European cards. Please note the charge will be made in GBP (£).

You can schedule your pickup and delivery via our online booking tool. However, should you prefer to speak to a member of staff who can book this in for you, call us at 020 8004 2630 or email and we will arrange everything for you.


Pickups & deliveries

Yes! If you want to book a regular pickup and delivery slot each week, just give us a call on 020 8004 2630. This saves having to deal with laundry and to re-book on a regular basis, and you can cancel at any time if you don’t need a delivery that week. Although it is currently not possible to book a recurring time slot online, we are working hard to develop this feature so that you can manage regular bookings on our online tool.

Here at BLANC we understand that sometimes things come up which weren’t exactly in the plan... If you want to cancel an arranged pickup or delivery, you can do so by going to your account, selecting the relevant Active Booking and clicking ‘cancel’. This is possible up to 12 hours before the original pickup or delivery time. If we picked up your items already and you want to cancel/modify the arranged delivery time, please give us a call on 0208 004 2630 or email and we will try our best to arrange a new time at your earliest convenience. Please note, however, that our drivers leave the Atelier every morning with specific routes to deliver. We unfortunately cannot guarantee that we will process any booking amendments in time if we are not informed at least 12 hours before the appointment. Please note that any cancellation made beyond this deadline will incur a £5 cancellation fee.

We currently offer 2-hour time windows, which allow for traffic and our logistical requirements. As we grow we will be able to increase our fleet and offer more specific slots, so please let us know if this would be of interest to you when possible so we can bear in mind for our planning.

For safety reasons, we look to keep our drivers focussed on driving and so you will not be able to contact your BLANC driver directly. If you need to pass on a message with specific instructions such as “please deliver to my porter”, you can leave a note in the Special Instructions page when booking, or fill in the Drop off form our drivers will be happy to provide when picking up your dry-cleaning and laundry. If there is any change after your order is placed, or any urgent message for our driver on the day of your delivery, please contact our Customer Care team at 020 8004 2630 or email We will make sure our drivers get the message promptly!

If our drivers are running early, you may receive a call to ask if they can come to you a bit before the planned slot. If this is convenient for you, you just need to tell them they can attend early. However, we understand that being early can be just as inconvenient as being late so please don’t worry if you are not available. You can simply tell them they cannot come earlier and the driver will be with you at your scheduled time.

Our drivers work around the clock to collect and deliver across London, but our size restricts us to certain routes at present. This means we do not yet deliver and collect to every neighbourhood frequently, in which case some time slots show as unavailable. Please have a look on some other days which may also be convenient, and please feel free to let us know what would suit you in the future - so we can build it into our future plans and inform you when it’s possible. If the app is not letting you book or select dates for pickup/delivery, refresh the page. If the problem persists, please call us 020 8004 2630 and we’ll try to figure out what is happening.

We can understand that sometimes a garment slips accidentally into your laundry bag while it was not meant to be cleaned. If you contact us early enough before the order has been processed, we should be able to locate your item and return it to you before it is processed. Note, however, that given we wish to offer you the fastest and most convenient service, garments are usually processed within a day from when they are picked up. Unfortunately, we will not be able to refund for the item if it has already been processed.

You can currently only book online if your delivery is to the same address we collected from. We are planning to add multiple addresses for your convenience in the future, but in the meantime, if you wish to add an address, please contact our customer care team who will try to find a convenient solution. In particular, we could for example deliver your garments to one of our stores (Marylebone or Notting Hill).

Of course, so long as this is the address you’ve provided as your pickup and delivery address. You can also leave instructions for pickup and delivery when booking on our online booking tool as well as on the Drop Off form provided by our drivers when collecting your laundry. If you would like to change your instructions after making your booking, please give us a call at 020 8004 2630 or email

Oh absolutely! So long as we cover the area your hotel or residence is located in, we’ll be happy to visit. You can add notes about the fact you are staying at a hotel in the instructions box in our Special Instructions page while booking, or give us a call at 020 8004 2630 or email if you want to give more specific instructions about it. Please note that if you are staying in London for a short period of time only and require express service, your order will attract an express service charge.

We are continually growing and expanding and while we might not currently cover your area, it’s most definitely the end goal! Please vote for your area by entering your postcode and email in our online booking tool, or send a message with your details to and as soon as we get to your area, we will contact you.

We are incredibly proud of the hard work that our drivers put in every day and are sure you will be too: they do really go the extra mile! If you would like to tip your driver then please feel free to do so. However, it is in no way expected. If you are happy with our service, you can also leave a positive review about our Marylebone (Google or Yelp), Notting Hill (Google or Yelp)  or Chelsea (Google or Yelp) stores, or email feedback to and we’ll be glad to deliver the message to our drivers!

You will always receive a confirmation email as soon as your order is processed, and these come with a detailed receipt of your order attached (scroll down to the bottom for it). Also note that all garments come back with a paper receipt attached to the hanger. Once your order has been completed, we can also send you a VAT receipt if you would like one. To request this, please email our Customer Care team at, or call 020 8004 2630.



We use a highly secure platform to register your credit or debit card and collect payment. After picking up your clothes, our experts will examine them and determine the total amount of your invoice based on the extent of the work that needs to be carried out on each item (much as a till assistant would do in store). Until then, you can get an estimate of your order according to our price list here. We are unable to be more exact at this stage because some items require more time and specific treatment, and we can’t know the detail of this before we examine your garments. Once this is done, we will send you an email detailing your invoice, item by item, and charge your card on that basis. If you disagree with anything that we have detailed on your invoice, please feel free to call our Customer Care team on 020 8004 2630 or to email and we will be happy to look into this for you. Kindly note that we cannot accept cash payment for deliveries.

During your booking process on our online booking tool you will be asked to register your credit or debit card details in our encrypted system so we can take payment from you once we have generated an invoice (after examining your garments). Rest assured that your payment details will not be stored locally - i.e we have absolutely no access to them. All we can see are the last four digits of your card (like all online merchants). We use an encrypted and highly secure platform managed by Verifone. Your data will be safeguarded from end-to-end.

If your card has expired, your payment will fail when we charge your card. If that is the case someone from our Customer Care team will contact you to let you know and you can update your payment details on the phone to them so we can take your payment. Kindly note that we cannot deliver cleaned garments until payment has been processed.


Vouchers, referrals & rewards

This is currently not possible as we are still in Beta (which means we are still testing and trying to improve as we go) but we are developing this functionality and it will be available soon. You can use vouchers and referral codes in store though - just show or tell them to your till assistant to redeem them.

Yes, please! We are all about re-using and recycling at BLANC as you know, and so we encourage our customers to help us care for our planet by reducing the amount of packaging we consume (it also declutters your house - added benefit!). Feel free to give any hanger or packaging back to our driver.

Referring a friend is very easy. When booking online for the first time, your friends just have to write your name in the “Special instructions” section. They can also write your name on the Drop off form that our drivers will provide them with when collecting their garments. For each referred friend that uses us, you will get a £10 credit added to your account. The good news is that you can refer as many friends as you like...


Our cleaning process

Don’t worry if you are unsure how your clothes should be treated, we will check the label for you and take care of everything. Everything that says “Dry Clean only” can be “Wet cleaned” so you needn’t worry about what can and cannot be cleaned - we can clean everything with a care label. More generally, we cannot accept any liability for garments that have missing, unreadable or removed care labels. If we believe that the risk associated with the treatment is too high for the item, or that it could cause a risk to our machines or other items, we reserve the right to refuse any item. For full details about owner’s risk or our process and conditions, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

Although we clean the same fabrics as traditional dry cleaners, we do not actually “dry” clean. Traditional dry cleaning processes soak clothes in toxic and carcinogenic chemicals, which can erode colour and stiffen material. BLANC’s professional wet clean technology provides a healthy, safe alternative and better quality clean. Our technology is powered by Electrolux Lagoon and has been tried and tested for years all over the world. However, whilst we will always try to use the greenest and healthiest technology possible, note that for specific garments or items they may be heavily stained, we reserve the right to ask a subcontractor to use a different cleaning technology, including solvents, if we believe that the result would be better.

Wet clean is based on water, biodegradable detergents, and very specific cycles in sophisticated finishing and cleaning processes. Not only can anything with the dry clean label be wet cleaned, but also the gentler, specialist treatment BLANC uses delivers better results. Wet cleaning costs no more than any traditional quality dry cleaner. We are deeply committed to providing a delightful artisan, affordable service. We want to make healthy, happy lifestyle available to everyone.

We have moved our production facilities to our new “BLANC Atelier”, an airy workshop just between Acton and Park Royal. Note that while most garments will always remain on our premises, some will be sent out to carefully selected, trusted partners from time to time for additional care, such as for example household items, leathers, some bedlinen, or even more basic items in periods when we are extremely busy. We will use our discretion as to which items shall be sent out, and maintain full control and responsibility for any garments which have been entrusted to our care.

If we believe that the fragility of the garments - fabric, age, colour, pre-existing damage etc - means that there is a risk that they could be damaged in the cleaning process, we shall contact you and advise you of the potential risks. If you authorise us to proceed, it will imply that you assume full responsibility for any damage to the garments and they will be cleaned at owner’s risk. Note that worn or old skin may become damaged during the cleaning process and all leather and fur items are treated entirely at customer’s risk. If however we believe that the risk associated with the treatment is too high for the item, or that it could cause a risk to our machines or other items, we reserve the right to refuse any item.

If we believe that the fragility of the garments (fabric, age, colour, pre-existing damage etc.) means that there is a risk that they could be damaged in the cleaning process, we will refrain from cleaning the garment in question. We will make an attempt to contact you and advise you of the potential risks associated with proceeding with the treatment. Note that if you authorise us to proceed, it will imply that you assume full responsibility for any damage to the garments. This is what we call cleaning “at owner’s risk”.

Yes, we do provide “Press only” and “Steam only” services. If you don’t want to book a full cleaning but only an ironing service, you just need to specify it in the “Special Instructions” section when booking online. You can also write it in “Special requirements or instructions” on the Drop Off form that our driver will provide you with when collecting your clothes. Not applicable for bed linen.

Yes! we offer a 25% discount on all children clothes cleaning. If you want to drop off children garments, you can specify it when booking online in “Special instructions”, or mention it on the Drop Off form that our drivers will provide you with.

Cleaning and pressing women’s shirts and blouses is more difficult than cleaning men’s shirts - most of the time they have a more tailored fit and various, non-standard styles. This means they require more time and attention in order to ensure a high-quality finish.

We can definitely take care of your underwear. They will be processed via our Wash & Fold laundry service, and handed back in a separate undergarment bag.

As we constantly strive to obtain the best clean while taking extra care of the most delicate fabrics, a lot of brides (including our owner!) have entrusted us with their wedding dress and we are expert at cleaning those pieces. Please note that the sooner you bring your dress in after your wedding, the better the results, as leaving little time for stains to set helps us clean with less risk to a better finish. We can also clean other bespoke items - just ask one of your store assistants for a quote, or contact us on 020 8004 2630 or if you would like more information or to ask for a quote. Kindly note that we assess all those very specific items before cleaning to ensure that we have spotted and highlighted all the potential risks to you before proceeding with the clean.

Whether it rains or your dryer has broken down, we cannot accept wet garments as they could deteriorate during transport. They usually develop a smell which cannot be removed by cleaning if left wet for too long, and have the potential to go mouldy with mould stains being extremely hard to remove. If your items are wet, we will ask you to dry them before our drivers come to collect them so we can make sure they will not be damaged by factors outside of our control.

Yes, we can clean your pet items. They will be processed via our Wash & Fold laundry service.

Your clothes are in safe hands and incidents are extremely rare – but things happen and we do have a process for these too. In the unlikely event of damage or of an item going missing, please inform us within 24 hours of receiving your order back. We exercise the utmost care in cleaning and processing garments entrusted to us and use such processes which, in our opinion, are best suited to the nature and conditions of each individual garment. Nevertheless, we cannot assume responsibility for inherent weaknesses or defects in materials - for instance pre-existing moth holes, sun fading garments or curtains or colour runs and discoloration below armpits due to deodorant - which may result in tears, the development of small holes or stains in fabric that are not readily apparent prior to processing. Our liability with respect to any lost or damaged to garments caused by us shall not exceed the lesser of 10 times our charge for cleaning that garment or the depreciated value of the item as determined by the Textile Service Association (TSA) fair compensation guidelines, regardless of brand or condition. We will investigate any complaint promptly and pay fair compensation for damage or loss due to our negligence as outlined above. In the event of damage, if we determine we are responsible then we will seek to offer a cleaning credit in an amount agreed by both parties. Please refer to BLANC Terms and Conditions for more details.


Product information

Certainly. We have a full time tailor on site who specialises in complex tailoring but can certainly carry out all manners of basic alterations, too - hemming trousers, shortening sleeves, repairing seams or buttons. You can read more about this service here. For our delivery customers, you can pin the garment at home and write instructions about what you would like done to it on our special Drop Off Form, handed to you by one of our drivers. If you need to adjust measurements, to re-hem a garment or anything else that requires more specific measurements, you can visit our fitting rooms in store, and a member of staff will be happy to help. You can also make an appointment with our tailor. Please write to or phone 020 8004 2630 for more information.

If you want to get an estimate of the total cost of your order, you can visit our website and check our price list here. Kindly note that our price list is indicative. We reserve the right to add an extra charge for very delicate items from designer or luxury labels (“designer upcharge” or “luxury upcharge”, or for very specific stains which may require a lot of attention and care. If you don’t understand why your order has been revalued, please email or call us at 020 8004 2630. We really want our customers to understand the value of our service, and someone from our Customer Care team will take the time to explain.

Our price list is only indicative. Even though we take great care of every garment entrusted to us, some items require a lot more time and very specific treatment. This concerns especially the most delicate garments, such as designer brands and luxury clothes, which will most often attract a specific “upcharge” in consideration for the level of complexity associated with cleaning them compared to more basic items. Also, if you asked for an express service, we will have charged you more than what is stated on our standard turnaround price list. Finally, the quote will often vary for items such as leather, curtains or shoes & bags which we often need to send to one of our trusted partners. If you still think there was a mistake in the way we charged you or if you don’t understand our price policy, please contact us on 020 8004 2630 or email, and we will be happy to look into this for you.

For your daily laundry - bedlinen, underwear, even t-shirts and jeans - we offer a Wash & Fold Laundry service. Your items will be washed with the best quality, eco-label compliant, professional non-bio detergent, tumble dried and folded. Please note we do not press Wash & Fold items. We wash whites together with lights, and colours together with darks. We wash all items at 30°C (unless getting the best results absolutely requires a higher temperature). Our detergents contain no enzymes, no dyes, and no phosphates so are suitable for most sensitive skins. You will need to ensure no delicates (silks, cashmeres, leathers, linens etc.) have slipped into your bag as we are not liable for any damage to a wash & fold item. Please do not put any items requiring alterations in your wash & fold bag. If there are any items in your wash & fold bag which are too delicate for what we usually consider to be safe for wash & fold, then we will usually seek your permission to clean them as delicate garments (individually priced) rather than wash & fold items. If you still want us to clean them with the rest of your wash & fold, then please note that such delicate items would be in cleaned at ‘owner’s risk’. For wash & fold laundry we charge by the kilo instead of per individual item. Please note that our folded shirt service is different from Wash & Fold as shirts are pressed individually, and folded individually as well.


Using the online booking tool

You can view all the details of your current bookings in the “Active Bookings” section of your Account (click on the Settings wheel at the top right hand side of your screen).

Sometimes you get sprung with other arrangements - we understand. If you don’t know when you will be free next, you can cancel your booking and place a new one when you’re ready. Just bear in mind that in order for our driver not to be on the way to you already, your booking will need to be cancelled at least 12 hours prior to your reserved time slot, otherwise a £5 fee will apply to cover the driver’s visit if you are not home.

Because this online tool is still in Beta (which means we are still testing and trying to improve as we go), this is not possible currently - should you need to amend your personal information or payment details please kindly write to or phone 020 8004 2630 and we will do this for you in our main system.

How can I change the address of my booking?

Because this online tool is still in Beta (which means we are still testing and trying to improve as we go), this is not possible current. Should you need to change the pickup and delivery address of your booking please write to or phone 020 8004 2630 and we will do this for you in our main system. Please note that we are currently unable to pickup and deliver to different addresses. Missed deliveries will incur a £5 fee.

You can reset your password in the “Settings” section of your Account (click on the Settings wheel at the top right hand side of your screen).



If you are you a restaurant, a hotel, a concierge company, or a theatre – we will take the best care of your employee’s uniforms or costumes, and they will like you for taking care of their health. This is CSR at its best. If you are a bank, a consulting, accounting or law firm or any other office building – you will want the best service for your employees because you expect the very best from them. For office buildings where employees are expected to dress smartly, we can organise a pickup and delivery point within the premises – saving them precious minutes of free time which they will be grateful to you for! Please email for further information, or call 020 8004 2630.

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