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Clothes looking shabby after lockdown? These are the best places to get them restored and refreshed

Making your clothes last longer is a big yes for sustainability

We’re all trying to navigate a more sustainable life and restoring and repairing your existing wardrobe is one of the best ways to lessen your impact. We can’t deny the appeal of browsing Zara’s New In section or popping a just-in-case buy into your ASOS basket but even if you’re shopping the fastest fashion, you should think about lessening your wardrobe’s end of life impact and extending that lifespan as far as you can.

When your favourite jeans get a little threadbare, your most treasured party dress has a bit too much fun on the dance floor or the buttons start to hang off your trench coat, don’t deliver it straight to the charity shop or send it to landfill (like the nearly £1billion-worth of fashion that ends up in the bin each year.) If you love something enough to buy it, keep on wearing it (more than 30 times) then get it mended or restored at our pick of the best places to bring new life to your clothes. 


This eco-friendly dry cleaners uses the ‘wet’ method and liquid CO2 to clean your clothes but also offer tailoring, alterations and repair services. You can pop into one of the store’s fitting rooms to get your garms measured; get your items picked up from home; or post your pieces into them with instructions. Blanc offer WhatsApp consultations to walk you through the alteration options to ensure your outfit upgrade is exactly what you expect.

By Alex Fullerton, GLAMOUR, April 2021
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