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How to Detox Your Home

A new year means new resolutions for many of us...

We can already hear your sigh as you read those words but relax – this year we’re here to help you detox your home and start 2014 with the right eco-friendly habits:

#1 Ban shoes from your home! Many of the bacteria and pesticides come from the street and are brought home by … yourself truly. Go barefoot or buy some nice slippers to walk into while in the comfort of your own home.

#2 Keep the air pure. Leave your windows open as long as possible every day, especially in the bedrooms. Sleep without heating (a temperature of no more than 19°C is highly recommended), you will sleep better for it and feel refreshed in the morning!  Don't use any toxic or chemical home fragrances, prefer essential oils, natural candles or fresh flowers to perfume your home.

#3 Switch to green and eco-friendly household products. Most of the cleaning products we use everyday are bad for the environment and our health because of the chemicals they contain. Our Home product range was selected with your home in mind – equipped with the right products you’ll soon become an eco-friendly cleaning pro! You can start by using natural products such as Black Soap for everyday stains at home and on your clothes.

#4 Think twice before leaving your garments with a "traditional" drycleaners. Because of their excessive use of toxic solvants and chemicals, they contribute to global warming and pollute the environment – without mentioning the damage to your clothes and skin. Look for an eco-friendly drycleaners like BLANC near you who will take care of your garments and protect the planet at the same time. The right resolution for the new year… and the next few to come!

#5 Finally, your home will never feel fully detoxed if you have a restless mind… so try yoga, walk as much as possible, get some fresh air on the weekends, have fun, smile and stay positive – you’re only a few changes away from running a small paradise!

Do you do something special to detox your home each year? Please let us know – we would love to hear about it!


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