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8 Simple Ways To Detox Your Home

We can be exposed to chemicals in many ways – from what we eat to what we clean our homes with. While they are part of our daily lives, there are many good reasons why you should avoid some of these harsh chemicals and reduce toxicity levels as much as you can, leaving you with a healthier home.

At BLANC, we are very passionate about reducing clutter and toxicity in both the home and the outdoor environment, so naturally, we’re experts on the subject.

Here are 8 tips to reduce indoor pollution and make your home a safe haven...

 Minimal Home

1. Keep the air fresh and clean

One of the easiest ways to help detox your home is to leave your windows open as long as possible, every day - especially in the bedrooms, to let the fresh air circulate. Sleeping without heating is also wise: you will not only sleep better as your body won’t overheat, but your skin will thank you too. Heating can dry out your skin and leave it aggravated, red and sore (any eczema sufferers will likely know!). Keeping your bedroom at a temperature of no more than 19°C is optimal and highly recommended, you will feel so much more refreshed in the morning!

Another tip is to avoid the use of any chemical home fragrances or air fresheners as they release chemicals that are harmful in enclosed spaces. Instead, use essential oils or natural potpourri to scent your home, which you can often DIY. It is also nice to switch these up seasonally for Christmas or Spring - some great choices are lavender, citrus and sandalwood. .

2. Go green

Adding some house plants and greenery to your home goes over and above simply just looking pretty, they can also help to detoxify the home environment. Houseplants are great natural air purifiers and humidifiers, and by absorbing environmental gases through their leaves, they create cleaner and fresher air. You can order with our favourite plant supplier: Patch Plants! They also send out great care tips either in the mail or in e-mails as a bonus!

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3. Use natural cleaning products

Many conventional household cleaning products can, because of the chemicals they contain, cause skin rashes, headaches and other health problems. Certain products release dangerous chemicals into your living space - including volatile organic compounds, which are organic chemicals that have a high vapour pressure.

Our carefully curated product range was selected to keep your home a safe place – equipped with the right products you’ll soon become an eco-friendly cleaning pro!  Other great natural cleaners are lemons (take a look here for 10 great lemon cleaning hacks!), baking soda and vinegar. They can do so much around the home, from cleaning windows and glass, to getting rid of bad smells and keeping bugs at bay.

4. Swap out plastic for glass

Ever heard of BPA? This is a chemical called bisphenol A. It is often found inside plastic containers and it can be hazardous to your health. The chemicals and toxins found in plastic can seep into whatever they come into contact with and damage the body on a cellular level. In other words, we recommend that you do not carry your food in plastic.

Glass is a great alternative to plastic Tupperware and containers, better for the environment and safe up to very high temperatures with no risk of leaching. It may be a little bit heavier, but it’s worth the extra workout – we promise! To get started, take a look at our list of 10 easy eco swaps to start living plastic-free!

5. Don’t let the dust settle

Dusting around your home, windowsills and furniture might seem like a tedious task, but it’s actually very important in order to maintain a healthy, non-toxic home.

Something many people don’t know is that your home furnishings and electronics contain a group of chemicals called PBDEs (Polybrominated diphenyl ethers, for anyone who wants to know!), which were originally designed to reduce the chance of these products catching fire. Now, that doesn’t sound too bad, but traces of these chemicals have been found in several studies, to accumulate in dust that can be inhaled or swallowed. So, we suggest putting dusting on your to-do-list!

Charcoal Water Filter

6. Install a water filter

While we are very grateful that we live in a part of the world so privileged that water can always be accessed by simply pressing the tap - filtering your water removes bacteria, heavy metals and chemicals that can linger in it from treatment. How treated your water is depends on where you live - this is often referred to as either ‘soft’ or ‘hard’ water.

Your safest and simplest solution is to use filtered water by investing in a water filter. Alternatively, a natural solution is to drop a piece of activated charcoal into your water container, as charcoal removes and filters toxins from the water without stripping the water of its salts and important minerals.

7. Make the switch to eco dry cleaning

Think twice before leaving your garments with a "traditional" dry cleaner. Because of their excessive use of toxic solvents and chemicals, they contribute to global warming and pollute the environment – without mentioning the damage to your clothes and skin.

Look for an eco-friendly dry cleaner like BLANC near you who will take care of your garments and protect the planet at the same time. You can also make the switch to eco-friendly laundry within your own home too! We have both health and environmentally friendly laundry products over on our online store, to help you master eco-friendly laundry from the comfort of your own home!

8. Detox your headspace

Finally, your home will never feel fully detoxed if you have a restless and busy mind. Decreased levels of serotonin (the hormone that regulates our mood) can make us feel anxious and low so maybe try a gentle exercise class, walk around in nature, have a coffee with a friend, smile often and eat healthily.

Clearing out your digital space and taking a break from your phone and technology will also help to clear out the mind, and will help you avoid excessive blue light and an ever cluttered inbox. Do your best to stay positive to help detoxify the mind and body - you’ll feel better for it, we promise!

We hope this has helped to inspire you to detox both your mind and living space.

If you need some more resources, you can have a look at home cleaning, we have made an entire sustainable spring clean checklist, zero waste swaps for every room included - along with how to choose safe cleaning products. We hope this inspires you to create a toxic-free, natural home.

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