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Our New App Is Live: 6 Features You Will Love

We are finally there! After months of user research, brainstorming, design and development, we are thrilled to announce that the new BLANC app is now live!

As most of you know, we already had an online booking platform but this was developed a couple of years ago already, and we now wanted to bring you something with more functionalities. We worked hard to create a tool that integrates with our Atelier operations and our Delivery logistics to deliver a much-improved experience to you all.

blanc new booking app

If you already had an online account on our previous webapp, all you have to do is use the same link to access our new interface and you will be able to login with the same email address & password as usual. If you’re not sure whether you have an account or not, feel free to reach out to our Customer Care team and we will be happy to assist you!

While we will continuously work on improving our app and introduce new features, we wanted to introduce some of the key new features you can get on our new app from September:

Provide specific instructions while booking

To facilitate the use of our Home pick up & delivery service, we’ve improved the booking process and in particular the stage where you can provide some detailed instructions. The first thing to note is that it is completely optional to provide instructions and if you don’t have anything specific to highlight, you can easily skip this step - rest assured that all your items will be carefully inspected once received in our Atelier.

If you do have some instructions provide, our app now enables you to select the service (whether it’s dry cleaning, alterations, bedding cleaning, etc), describe the item in just a few clicks and enter the specifics of what needs to be done. It can be anything from our default available options such as “Press only”, or “Debobble”, to more specific instructions that can be entered manually, for example “Shorten trousers legs by 5 cm”.

blanc app permanent preferences

Set up permanent order preferences

Further to those one-off instructions, we’ve also added the possibility of saving some permanent instructions - so you don't have to enter them at every booking if you want those to apply to all your orders. For example, if you always want your shirts to be delivered folded, and not hung, you can save this as a permanent preference in your account settings - and will no longer have to worry about it! The new permanent preferences cover the cleaning and finish of your order, but also your delivery options (for example, if you want to add your concierge or housekeeper as a delivery contact) and communications preferences.

Track the status of your order

Whether you have booked a home collection online or dropped off items in one of our London stores, we understand that tracking the progress of your order is crucial. This is why in our new app, you can track the status of your order (“scheduled”, “in progress”, “ready”, etc.) for more transparency throughout the process. We’re currently working on adding more live updates, as well as the option to track your driver on your collection and delivery days - this will be available soon, so stay tuned!

blanc itemised e-receipt

Access your itemised e-receipt

Another thing that is changing with our new app is that we’re bringing your e-receipt in the app, with a breakdown of the cost of each item, so you can easily access it at all times, follow your quotes, etc. You can not only access your pending order, but also view receipts from your past orders if need be.

Manage your weekly recurring booking

One of our favourite features for sure! To take laundry off your to-do list forever, our recurring booking option is the perfect solution - ideal for workwear, laundry or bed linen items that need to be cleaned regularly! You can set up visits once a week or twice a week depending on the volume you need to clean each week and your preferred turnaround time.

Then, you won’t need to book collections in the app again: our driver will come to your place on the agreed day & time to collect your bag(s) of clothes to clean and deliver your clean clothes from the week before at the same time. Just one visit for the collection and the delivery - nice and simple! The best part? This weekly slot reservation is at no extra cost and can be paused/ cancelled anytime directly in your app account - or by contacting us.

blanc recurring weekly booking

Download the BLANC app on your phone or tablet!

Finally, our app is available online on desktop and mobile, and for an even better experience, we highly recommend downloading the app on your phone so you can save your login details and access your account in just one click. To do so, visit app.blancliving.co from your mobile browser, and follow the below steps:
- On iPhone: search BLANC Laundry app on the app store to download app to your mobile phone, or click the icon below! 
- On Android: tap the "Add to home screen" banner then tap "Install"

Here you go! We hope our new features will answer all your needs so we can continue our adventure to build a leading sustainable and tech-powered clothes aftercare service - for you.

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