Ozone Disinfection

Because staying on top of hygiene is of utmost importance these days, we have introduced a new Ozone disinfection service.

BLANC is now offering a new specialist Ozone treatment to fully disinfect and sanitise your clothes, accessories and home textiles. It is a chemical-free process that doesn’t use any cleaning solvents, fluids or powders. Making it 100% natural, environmentally-friendly and hypoallergenic. 

How it works

The Ozone treatment uses clean technology to break down the biological structure of bacteria, leaving items totally disinfected. It is proven to sanitise entirely, including against the coronavirus.

It has been specially designed with a patented system that quickly and safely converts the Ozone back to oxygen leaving no harmful residuals and with no risk to our staff or customers.

Complying to the highest hygiene standards, it doesn’t compromise on sustainability either. The treatment protects your clothes, accessories and home textiles, whilst preventing unnecessary cleaning.

This treatment has been independently tested and certified by the University of Newcastle microbiology laboratories to destroy harmful bacteria completely.

Summary of benefits

  • The process fully disinfects items.
  • Removes all odours, including, sweat, mould and smoke.
  • Eliminate moths.
  • Can be used on both garments and household items that cannot be traditionally dry or wet cleaned, as well as sanitising the items at the same time.
  • Protects against Covid-19
  • Environmentally-friendly and hypo-allergenic. 


Standard clothing: £9 / pc
Specialist items (shoes, helmets, motor gear): £15 / pc
Volume quote for volume orders (wardrobes disinfection  / moths killing)

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