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Leather Cream Set

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Leather naturally holds residual oil and moisture which over time vaporize through the apertures of the leather causing it to eventually crack. Attirecare’s leather cream is suitable to be used on all types of leather to prevent this from happening, also conditioning and providing vital nourishments which all leather needs.

The leather cream will clean and protect removing any unwanted dirt or oils still sitting on the surface of your beloved leather goods. Frequent treatments will ensure all leather shoes or accessories last as long as they were designed to. This sleek, compact kit is complete with a durable aluminium case and premium 100% cotton cleaning towel.

Set includes:
1 X 100ml Leather Cream
1 X Premium Cloth

How to use: Apply a small amount of leather cream on the included cotton cleaning towel. Start to gently work the cream into the layer. Once you have covered the entire surface area, start to buff. 

Made in: UK

Also available to pick up in store.

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