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25% Child Discount Forever

School holidays are over... but our 25% child discount is forever!

After a fabulously long hot summer, we might have mixed feelings about sending our little darlings back to school or pre-school. If you are feeling that the rush back to school was a little chaotic, here are our tips to using our services to squeeze the most relaxation out of your holidays - naturally!

1. Use natural cleaning to protect your children's skin

We might have spent the summer trying to protect our children’s skin from the sun with endless layers of sun cream. The bad news is that the toxic chemicals used in conventional dry cleaning are also harmful to our skin - a real concern when you have a young family. At BLANC we use wet cleaning - an effective method with biodegradable detergents which leave clothes soft and free from chemical residue. This is also perfect for babies and all types of children's wear.

natural cleaning products

2. Wash & Fold can take the packing stain

Whether you are unpacking a suitcase or packing summer clothes away for the autumn, you can drop your whole laundry bag off with us to wash thoroughly. We will send back to you neatly folded - which can be a huge time saver and a treat.

wash & fold service

3. Use our tailoring service (including to sew name labels on!)

Our tailors can do jobs such as taking in blazers and trousers or letting out hems, and you can ask them to keep plenty of fabric inside the sleeves that will be useful when your little ones grow up! They are also happy to sew all those name labels on so you can be sure clothes don’t get mixed up or lost at school. You can send clothes and labels in via our collection and delivery service or just drop them off in store.

tailoring service

4. Get uniforms cleaned as soon as term finishes

In the excitement of school finishing it can be easy to put clothes in the laundry bin or put blazers aside for dry cleaning. But the last thing you will need when getting back from the holidays is to deal with crumpled clothes or panic about getting them back in time! You can book a collection with us online or by phone so we can pick up as soon as school is over. Just tell us when you are ready for us to drop back ready for next year. You can also ask us to do any alterations or repairs to make them as good as new.

kids uniform

5. Save 25% on all children's clothes cleaning - all year!

Being back at school doesn’t usually mean an end to the laundry sadly. But fortunately, we feel strongly that children’s clothes should be cleaned without chemicals so we will always take 25% off all children's wear. Whether it’s Halloween costumes, winter wedding outfits, party clothes (or simply that favourite pretty dress your little one insists on wearing in the most unsuitable environment) - we’re here to help!

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