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6 Gifts That Give Back

Winter has come and the Christmas spirit has lightened up the streets with colourful decorations and happy faces. ‘Tis the season of spreading love and reuniting with your closest ones, but also, unfortunately - for overconsumption. Remember that giving someone a gift takes thought and effort to make sure that the receiving end truly loves it!

Though giving presents doesn’t necessarily mean to your closest friends and family, it can just as well mean giving to someone you’ve never met or to a cause you believe in. At BLANC, we love the idea of giving a present that gives back to the world and so we have compiled for you a list of the best ethical and charitable gifts that give back.

ethical gifts charities

1. Rêve En Vert’s Save the Seas Tee

Whether or not saving the planet is on top of your wish list, the world’s oceans do need your help. Our friends over at Rêve En Vert teamed up with the Environmental Justice Foundation in the making of this statement T-shirt, which, of course, is ethically and responsibly made. 100% of the proceeds of each tee sold will go to EJF’s Save the Seas campaign to improve the state of our precious oceans and find solutions to protect them. This fashionable tee is perfect for anyone who likes to walk the streets in style and at the same time wants to raise awareness for a very important cause.

Rêve en vert ocean T-shirt

2. Lush Charity Pot

This one is for the people who never get enough of the ‘self-care Sunday’ concept. Lush’s rich and generous Charity Pot will make your skin glow with hydrating and nourishing ingredients. And this little Christmas treasure not only does good for your skin: all proceeds of the Charity Pot goes to funding small charities creating long-term change. So far, they have supported causes that aim to prevent deforestation, end animal cruelty and improve social justice. Lush is picky when it comes to choosing which charities to work with and always prioritise projects which tackle the root cause of the problem.

Lush charity pot ethical cosmetics

3. S’well’s Reusable Water Bottle

According to the Mayor of London, 7.7 billion plastic bottles are purchased across the UK every single year, resulting in enormous amounts of single-use plastic waste. To cease the plastic madness in 2020, S’well’s reusable bottle is the perfect gift! The benefits don’t stop there though: as S’well partners with UNICEF, you can be sure that your giftee is not the only one who will get easy access to water when you buy one of their bottles… Since 2017, S’well has raised one million pounds to help provide clean and safe water to the world’s most troubled communities.

S'well reusable water bottles

4. Ethical earrings by Sami

Handcrafted in an ethical Indian workshop and designed in London, these beauties are made with nature as the main source of inspiration. Each piece is unique and handcrafted which makes it a very personal gift and you’ll get the chance to learn about the real talent behind your purchase. Best of all, 10% of the profit goes to Future Hope, a charity aiming to give classroom education for vulnerable children who live on the streets and slums across India. These earrings are one of a kind, so they are non-exchangeable and non-refundable; make sure to give them to someone you know would feel the love at first sight!

5. Stand 4 Socks

For those who do not have a home, the cold winter season is one of the toughest challenges. Currently, it is estimated that 320 000 people across the UK do not have a roof over their heads, and the team behind Stand 4 Socks are on a mission to help. Did you know that socks are the most requested items at homeless shelters? They are not as commonly donated as old coats or warm knits and are therefore of high demand among homeless people. As rough sleepers tend to walk more than the average person and do not have the luxury of having a good pair of socks, they often end up with severe foot health issues. This is why Stand 4 Socks have a ‘one for one’ scheme - when you buy a pair, a homeless person gets a pair.

Stand 4 Socks charity homeless

6. Scented Candle by M&J

A scented candle instantly increases the Hygge factor of a home and is a well-needed mood enhancer when the sun sets before you even come home from work. These luxury candles from M&J are handmade in London and smell of elderflower, lemongrass and gooseberry - a combination made in heaven. Made of the finest soy wax, essential oils and aroma, and filled in a recycled and reusable glass holder, this is sure to be one of the most ethical candles on the market. On top of that, M&J makes a donation for each candle bought to Eaves Women First, an organisation supporting women who are or have been exposed to trafficking, prostitution and/or sexual violence.

wxy scented candles

We hope our tips helped you find the perfect gifts for your close ones. If you are trying to cut down on the physical gifts, you can also send a donation straight to the charities presented above in your friend’s name. If this post got you into the Christmas spirit, you can also read about our 6 tips to eco up your Christmas holidays this year. May this jolly time of the year continues to be wonderfully ethical for us all!

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