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6 Great Ways To Start The New Term

Ready for school to start? Here's our checklist to make sure that you don’t forget the essentials…

So it’s that time already, summer is coming to an end, the bank holidays are wrapping up and it’s time for us to start a new term. It’s not all bad though! September is a fresh start for all of us, not just the little ones: it comes with new opportunities and the excitement of fall. Here’s our checklist of how to make the most of going back to school. 

1. Get your uniforms spruced up

Children always want to make a great impression on the first day of school - it starts with a clean uniform (and super cool stationery, but we'll get to this later). Did you know we offer a 25% discount on all kids wear, including uniforms? Plus, the fact that our biodegradable and health friendly detergent are perfect for your little ones’ more sensitive skins is an extra bonus!

We also know that little ones grow up fast and work their clothes hard (hello torn knees!) making repairs and alterations essential. BLANC offers an in-house tailoring and repairs service to fix up and mend uniforms, it’s not just for the little one’s either... Need some inspiration about what’s possible? Take a look at our list of 9 mends and alterations to revive your clothes.

We can even name tag all those little clothes for you! Now that's a chore we're pretty sure you'll be glad to be able to delegate...

Glasses and White T-Shirt

2. Suit up

We’re sure you want to look sharp in a white shirt and a tan on your first day back! Here, at BLANC, we individually pre-spot all shirts to treat any stains, clean them with the highest quality detergents and then finish ironing each shirt by hand to the highest standard. That’s the kind of sharp finish and attention to detail you don’t find in many places these days. Our eco-friendly technology works particularly well on suits, giving them a softer finish - so that’s you sorted and ready to go, easy!

3. Get those shoes cleaned and restored! 

All shoes need a little attention. Our shoe partner is absolutely brilliant at giving a new lease of life to those tired soles and heels. Our shoe repair service takes about 10 days, so you better get them in early before it's time to wear them again (welcome back to work!).

We also revive bags too, so if the bag you once loved to take for work or school needs a little attention, we can take care of this for you too! 

Pencil Case

4. Treat yourself to a little stationery

What’s not to love about the “I have a new notebook” feeling? We love ‘A Good Company’, who are suitably sustainable and stylish - they are a certified ‘B Corporation’ and give 4% of net sales to environmental causes. It will certainly make all of your colleagues jealous, but it's not your fault you have such good taste.

5. Set your alarm! 

Well yes unfortunately,  all good things must come to an end, and so do holidays and sun... Try to get a little ‘me-time’ in before the rush begins, do some meditation or have a relaxed morning coffee before work, it’s great to put some time aside to do something that helps set you up for a great day. Both Headspace and Calm are great apps that help with sleep and guided meditation to ease the ‘back to work’ anxiety and get a great night's sleep before you start back! 

6. Get sorted the night before

We know, we’re probably sounding like your parents did the night before you started back to school, right? Well, we guess they had a point... Getting your outfit prepped the night before (BLANC can certainly help with this), packing your satchels and having lunch ready to go, for both you and any little ones! Will give you peace of mind that everything is sorted. We love getting some inspo from Deliciously Ella for great plant based recipes and pre-made snacks. It will all help save that crazy morning rush so you can get a great night's sleep and be good to go in the morning. 

Now you’re all set, welcome back to London, busy schedules and that never-ending to-do-list!

If you would like to see more tips on how to be more eco-friendly with little ones, you can take a look at our BLANC Green Parenting Guide

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