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Detox your wardrobe

January is here already and it's time for a New Year detox! And because detox is not just about improving our diets and ditching alcohol for a month, this year at BLANC we have decided to help you detox your wardrobe.

Not only is it proven to reduce stress and frustration, but it is also such a nice feeling to look at your closet and love everything you see!
So don’t wait any longer and treat yourself to a closet cleanse - here are our 5 steps to detoxing your wardrobe, and finding it easier to keep it that way beyond January!

wardrobe decluttering

Buy less, choose well

Less is more! The first thing to do to avoid ending up with an overstuffed closet is to buy less, less often - to buy more consciously. One way to achieve this is to opt for more sustainable brands: more and more shops and platforms are dedicated to connecting people with brands that are making a positive difference. More this, Less that is one of them, and curates many amazing independent brands - definitely check them out if you are starting on your sustainable fashion journey and are still a little bit overwhelmed about the amount of choice out there.

Another option to shop consciously is to familiarise yourself with pre-loved second hand stores! Far from the old fashioned dusty stores cliché, pre-owned fashion stores are trendier than ever: the Business of Fashion reports that in 2019, more consumers will see a growing proportion of their wardrobes made up of pre-owned or rented products. Some companies are truly disrupting the traditional retail model, like our partners The Resolution Store, a website offering exclusive access to the wardrobes of your favorite influencers (anything you buy on there gets you a 10% off cleaning voucher with us!).

And for special occasions, don’t forget about clothing rental platforms such as Panoply, to make a great impression with a fancy dress without feeling guilty for never wearing it again!

buy less choose well

Declutter often

A study reveals that on average, we wear only 20% of the clothes in our wardrobes. So be realistic: examine your lifestyle and keep the pieces that you wear the most, that best fit your style, and those that you will not get bored of. Don’t forget to think about outfit combinations: you’ll need to select and keep both basics and more special pieces to feel like you’re changing it up enough. Wardrobe Icons can help you build the perfect capsule wardrobe with their shopping tips, and their expert insights about what never goes out of fashion, from the go-to trench coat to the classic little black dress.

We all know fashion is a cycle and that oldies do tend to come back in style, so a wardrobe detox might be the best occasion to take out clothes again that you haven't worn in a long time!

organise clothes by season

Take good care of your clothes

Did you know than an estimated 50% of the greenhouse gas emissions from clothing takes place in the consumer use stage (principally arising from washing and drying, but also including ironing and dry-cleaning)? So cherishing and protecting your clothes properly is both good for your clothes, and for the planet! The best way to get a longer-lasting wardrobe is to use natural detergents and to favour wet-cleaning over traditional dry-cleaning. At BLANC, we use water and biodegradable detergents, combined in very specific, energy-saving cleaning cycles for customised to each type of fabric.

Aside from the cleaning, you can also protect your clothes and extend their life cycle with some useful accessories: a specialised brush, some cedar balls or just good quality hangers can make a huge difference in keeping your clothes in good shape. The good news is, you can find all of these in our e-shop’s selection of essentials to take care of your wardrobe, and of course in our London stores.

take good care of clothes

Alter and adjust

Not wearing a given piece because it doesn’t fit quite right, or just because a hem or a button is missing is something we can all relate to. Chronic time deficiency is a well-documented illness of our times… But what are after all rather small adjustments need not prevent you from wearing clothes you love! So make this wardrobe cleanse an opportunity to take care of anything that needs to be repaired or adjusted, or to bring them to a tailor if you can’t - or don’t have time to - do it yourself.

At BLANC, we offer a convenient tailoring and alteration service: our tailors work little miracles and can mend or adjust almost anything - to make your outfit perfect, just for you. Believe us, your clothes will feel brand new when you wear them again!

Reuse, donate, recycle

After going through your drawers and closets, you must be wondering what to do with the items you don’t want to keep? Well, getting rid of clothes can also be done in a responsible (and quite profitable…) way by selling them on websites like Vinted, Vestiaire Collective or through companies like our partners over at My Wardrobe Mistakes who provide a fully curated service for the most expensive luxury items in your wardrobe. If you find all of this too time-consuming or feel your unwanted items aren’t up to the resale standard, you can also donate them to consignment and charity shops. This is easier than you think! Re-fashion, for example, allows you to order a donation bag online, fill it with clothes you no longer wear and post it back to them for free. As for the pieces that are not in good enough condition to be sold or donated, you always have the option to recycle them! Clothing and textile banks can be found in supermarkets and local car parks - visit Recycle Now to find one near you.

reuse donate recycle

We hope these tips will help you start 2019 on the right side of the minimalist wardrobe goal... and most importantly stay on track for the rest of the year!
Happy new, minimalist, conscious year from everyone at BLANC!

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