How To Take Extra Care of Your Baby's Clothes

The arrival of a newborn is synonymous with a wealth of happy emotions, but also with a huge surplus of laundry!

I should know - our little Louis arrived on 4th April last year, and I feel that I now know our utility room much more intimately than I could have ever imagined...

A baby’s skin is very sensitive, and needs extra attention – not only the softest bathing products, but also the most natural detergents to avoid irritations and eczema at a young age.

Ludovic and I use Marseilles Soap Flakes to wash our baby's clothes, sheets and bibs, and have done so since the first time we took the tiny items out of their packaging just before he was born (all good baby books will tell you that it's important to wash everything once before exposing your baby to a new fabric).

Marseilles Soap is manufactured in the South of France according to a very traditional and natural process, are the most effective and hypoallergenic detergent you can find. It has been used by French mothers for centuries, and is renowned the world over. 

It is made from natural copra oil (extract of coconut) and palm oil (an extract of the palm fruit - grown sustainably of course) and is suitable for the cool hand washing of silk, wool, delicate items and lingerie as well as for machine washing.

The soap flakes might look scary if you've never used them and compared to your usual laundry liquid, but they are actually pretty simple to use. If you chose to hand wash your baby’s most delicate clothes, a fistful of flakes for 2L of water should do - throw them right into the basin. Once washed, you should rinse abundantly. Don’t forget to use cold water for wool! For machine washes, put two fistfuls of flakes mixed with hot water in a container to dissolve the soap flakes prior to use (I keep an old jam jar near my washing machine for this... recycle and reuse is our motto!), shake well and then pour into your washing machine.

The only thing to remember is to not exceed the indicated dose to avoid overabundant foam/lather!

Should you prefer a different format, you can find the Marseilles Soap in liquid form for everyday use on all kinds of stains.

In general, using natural and eco-friendly detergent for the whole load of laundry will help you gain time and protect the clothes of the entire family – because not only babies have sensitive skin!

Mathilde x

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