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5 Essentials To Take Care Of Your Wardrobe

The most sustainable clothes are the ones you already own, which is why we believe caring for them is of great importance. To be able to best care for your favourite items, you need the right tools – and we are here to help. Here are five essentials to help you care for your wardrobe sustainably yet effectively.

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Natural Cedar Wood

To care for your clothes, you have to protect them from natural threats like moths, cashmere and wool is their favourite dish and dust is their playground. However, what they can't stand is cedar scented products which make them an effective – yet natural – moth repellent. Cedarwood comes in many shapes & sizes: cedarwood hangers will repel moths, whereas plastic hangers will gather dust and subsequently, moths. For extra protection, you can try placing some Cedar balls in the pockets of your wool and cashmere items or simply just lay them in the drawer where you keep those fabrics.

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Fabric Brushes

It can be difficult to care for delicate garments, especially when removing pilling from sweaters or dust, fluff and hair from cashmere. A specialised brush can keep your garments in pristine condition with a few simple strokes. Made with quality, long-lasting materials, it will become your new favourite tool! If you want a brush that's good for all types of fabrics we suggest the All Purpose Textiles Brush from Reddecker whereas if you're looking for something for a unique fabric such as cashmere the Cashmere Clothes brush is the right tool for you. The vegan soft brush from AttireCare is perfect to be used to tackle deeper stains and cleaning soles and upper parts of the shoe.

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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Conventional laundry detergents contain harmful ingredients which can lead to negative health effects, ranging from skin and throat irritation to carcinogenicity. In addition to this, they also have a negative impact on the environment as their toxicity can cause algal blooms which negatively affect ecosystems and marine life.

Luckily, there are many eco-friendly, non-toxic detergents on the market that work as good, if not better, as the conventional ones. Tangent GC's Delicate Detergent with Orange Oil treats the cell structure of natural fabrics gently. For super sensitive skins try Bio D’s Fabric Conditioner, which leaves clothes soft, static-free and delicately fragranced and is perfectly suitable for sensitive skins. Attirecare's Crease Release spray allows you to escape the tedious task of ironing. It's all natural and leaves clothing crease-free, by gently spraying a thin layer after washing.

A Natural Stain Remover

Stains come in all shapes and sizes and while some are more stubborn than others, the trick is to spot-treat the fabric before washing it – and we happen to have just the right tool for that! Our natural stain remover. Made in France from Sommières Clay and Orange Essential Oil it is 100% natural. Sommieres Clay is a 100% natural fine clay powder originating from France with powerful degreasing properties. It's a very good natural stain remover for grease stains, including oil, butter or even make-up on delicate fabrics, floors and furniture.

BLANC Natural stain remover

Good Quality Clothes Hangers

Did you know that clothes can lose their shape and form if you use poor quality hangers? So, pick them out carefully, so that they suit your garments? type and shape. For example, the best fit for shirts is a sturdy wooden hanger but not the best option for your other garments. Suit jackets need rounded hangers as thinner ones may stick out around the edges and create poke marks.

When hanging items like skirts or trousers, it?s better to opt for a solid straight hanger with clamps to hang garments by the waist. Finally, when it comes to smaller items such as ties and belts, it can be convenient to go for a multiple branch hanger, this saves space and will allow you to store your accessories in the best conditions.

Clothes Storage

To keep your wardrobe looking great, it's important to know how to store your clothes properly. Different fabrics require different storing solutions, but generally the best locations are those who are cool, dry, well-ventilated and dark.

To a certain degree, most of us keep our clothes on a seasonal rotation schedule. There is no point in keeping your wool coat in the hallway during summer, as you will simply get no use of it. Before putting away your winter clothes for summer and your summer clothes for winter, make sure you clean them before storing them. Some clothes might not look dirty, but with time passing all dirt, sweat and soil are likely to cause set in stains during the time they're stored away. Not having cleaned your items before storing them often results in yellow looking stains from that invisible dirt.

Never store your clothes in cardboard boxes as they attract pests who eat the cardboard. In addition to that, the acidic within the box can discolour clothes. Instead, opt for a tightly sealable plastic bin boxes or containers or alternatively sturdy fabric containers. These storage solutions meet the criteria to keep your clothes fresh and clean.

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Come and see us in store or have a browse through our online store to get all the tools you need to care for your wardrobe and make your clothes last.


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