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5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Wardrobe

5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Wardrobe.

Now that the snow has cleared and the skies are turning a shade of blue, we can finally look forward to spring. Your wardrobe helped you through the cold winter months, now it's your turn to give back, and we're here to help! Here are some tips for taking care of your wardrobe.

One word: "CEDAR"

To care for your clothes, you have to protect them from natural threats like moths - who see cashmere as their favourite dish and dust as their playground. Why is cedar the answer? It’s simple: moths can't stand cedar scented items which make them an effective moth deterrent, and they come in many shapes & sizes. Cedar wood hangers will repel moths, where as plastic hangers will gather dust and subsequently, moths. For extra protection you can try placing some Cedar balls in the pockets of your woollen items.

Don't underestimate the power of the brush

It can be difficult to care for delicate garments. Especially when removing pilling from sweaters or dust, fluff and hair from cashmere. A specialised brush can keep your garments in pristine condition with a few simple strokes. Made with quality, long lasting materials, it will become your new favourite tool! If you want a brush that’s good for all types of fabrics we suggest the All Purpose Textiles Brush from Reddecker where as if you’re looking for something for a unique fabric such as cashmere the Cashmere Clothes brush is the right tool for you.

Choose your cleaning products wisely

Treat your garments to a caring treatment with delicate products. Matching detergents and liquids to different clothing items you will ensure better results. If you’re looking to clean jeans and are afraid of the wash cycle messing up the cut? Try Tangent GC’s  Denim Wash that cleanses your garments without eating into the cotton fibre. Not sure how to care for your delicate materials? Try a product that is specially adapted to be used on such materials as wool, silk, mohair, down and cashmere.

A good tip is Tangent GC’s Delicate Detergent with orange oil, as it doesn't irritate and is ideal for hand-washing.

Find a good stain remover

Your clothes hate stains as much as you do. To make sure that they don’t have time to set in and permanently damage your garment, we recommend dealing with them quickly and effectively. You can find some great tools to help you do so. Our stain removers are made with sommiere clay and have powerful degreasing properties. They are great for dealing with grease stains, such as oil, butter or even make-up on delicate fabrics, floors and furniture.

A good brush does the trick when destaining your garments as well as removing pilling from sweaters or dust, hair and fluff from cashmere.

Get good quality hangers

No one likes to see their favourite shirt lose its form because of poor quality hangers. The solution is simple: better hangers! Pick your hangers carefully, so that they suit your garments’ type and shape. For example the best fit for shirts is a sturdy wooden hanger but not the best option for your other garments. Suit jackets need rounded hangers as thinner ones may stick out around the edges and create poke marks.

When hanging items like skirts or trousers, it’s better to opt for a solid straight hanger with clamps to hang garments by the waist. Finally, when it comes to smaller items such as ties and belts, it can be convenient to go for a multiple branch hanger, this saves space and will allow you to store your accessories in the best conditions. 

Come and see us in store to get all the tools you need to take care of your wardrobe!

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