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The 15 Most Frequently Asked Questions To Our Customer Care Team

You asked, we answered! Here at BLANC, we get lots of interesting questions from our customers and we thought we would answer some of the most frequently asked questions here for you!

How to use our alterations service, how to reuse and recycle our packaging, how to use our home collection & delivery service - read on to answer some of our most frequently asked questions.

question about cleaning

Your questions about Cleaning

"Can you remove the stain on my item?"

We will try our best! To give us every possible chance of removing stains, please bring your stained item to us as soon as you can and let us know what originally caused it. On some occasions, unfortunately, there might be stains that we are simply unable to remove. If we believe removing a deep-set stain might alter the garment, we will always let you know.

"Do I need to know how my clothes should be cleaned before sending them to you?"

In short, no - this is our job, not yours! Our expert cleaners will carefully examine all your items and clean them under the manufacturer’s instructions. If there’s any doubt or if we are unable to find a care label on the item, we will ask for your authorisation prior to proceeding.

"Where do you clean my clothes?"

We clean your clothes at the “BLANC Atelier”, an airy workshop just between Acton and Park Royal (you can read more about what a garment’s journey looks like in our Atelier). Just a note here, whilst most garments will always remain on the BLANC premises, some specialty items will be sent out to carefully selected, trusted partners from time to time for additional care.

"Can you clean curtains, rugs, sofa covers?"

Yes! We can collect your bulky household items - we’ve been known to collect whole armchairs in the past and we even operate a curtain home take-down service so you do not have to go through the trouble of doing this yourself… Read more about our process on our household cleaning services page.

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How to use our Services

"I have visited one of your stores before but never used the online app - should I still create a new account?"

Yes. All store customers can create a BLANC online account - we’re only asking you to use the same email address as the one you previously provided us in store for your e-receipts and notifications so we can associate your app profile with your account in our system.

"Do I have to provide my own laundry bag?"

You are welcome to provide your own bag - in which case please place a business card or note with your contact details in the bag (name, email, phone number). If you do not have a bag, our drivers will be pleased to provide you with one. If you need to separate your delicate garments from your Wash & Fold laundry, we can also provide bags for this too - just ask!

"When will my card be charged if I’m placing a booking online?"

The total amount of your invoice depends on the type and complexity of the garments, so if you’re using our home pick up and delivery service, we will only charge your card after we have collected your items and inspected them in our Atelier. We will then send your e-receipt via email so you can view your itemised bill.

"Can you collect and deliver to my concierge?"

Yes, of course! We offer a concierge service for both commercial and personal buildings and as long as you are living or staying within our delivery areas, you are good to go.

"I would need to have something repaired but don’t have any replacement zip/ button/ etc - can I still send it to your tailors?"

Absolutely, when using our alterations & repairs service, you can either provide the replacement zip/ button/ patch/ etc. or if you don’t have one, just let us know in the instructions (while booking online or with a note attached to your item) and our tailors will provide a similar replacement.

"How can I use your tailoring service?"

We have 3 options for our alterations and repairs service, you can:

1. Visit our stores (we have private fitting rooms and our store consultants will be delighted to help with measurements)
2. Use our home pick up and delivery service - in which case, you can include your garment instructions on a note in your bag or when booking online in the dedicated field
3. Send us your item to mend via mail: just enclose our tailoring form with your instructions and we’ll send it straight back to you with signed delivery!

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Packaging & Sustainability

"How is your process better for our health and the environment?"

Unlike conventional dry cleaners who soak clothes in a toxic, carcinogenic solvent called PERC which they then evaporate at very high temperatures, we use eco-technologies (wet cleaning and liquid CO2 cleaning, which are the most sustainable and health-friendly methods of cleaning currently available) - gentle on textile fibres, yet efficient on stains.

Our process is better for your health as it completely removes the risk of exposure to PERC - it doesn’t use any! It is also better for the planet since it does not generate hazardous waste, nor does the process create air pollution and it reduces the potential for water and soil contamination.

"Is your eco process suitable for all types of garments & materials?"

Generally, yes we can clean all items, even those with a “dry clean only” label. If our expert cleaners assess that there is a possible risk of damage because of the instability of the fabric or age of the garment, we will contact you and advise you of these risks, you then decide if you want us to proceed.

"What should I do with the packaging coming back with my clothes? Is it all recyclable?"

At BLANC we are very, very big on reusing and recycling. Please do give any packaging items (hangers, bags, collar stiffeners etc.) back to our driver. We reuse and recycle everything we can, this is part of our strong commitment to building a better world and cleaning up the dry-cleaning industry. This at the heart of our manifesto and has the added benefit of helping you declutter your house!

Still have questions? Feel free to get in touch with us over phone or email - we will be happy to answer any other queries you might have.

If we have inspired you to take care of your wardrobe from the comfort of your own home, we have plenty of great eco-friendly products to get you started, alongside fabric specific care guides on our blog

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