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The Importance Of A Good Shirt

At BLANC, we know how important it can be to look sharp at work, and how much a good shirt - a rather understated wardrobe classic- can make all the difference to your outlook!

This is why we know that having them cleaned and preserved with expert care is crucial to keep your shirts bright and fresh.

For those who have too much going on to have time to allocate to washing and ironing, the shirt service is a perfect life hack. However, beware, because not all shirt services are the same. If you want to keep stocked up on a perfect shirt for every occasion, be it a day in the office or a night on the town, it’s best to avoid nasty surprises. But don’t worry, if you don’t want your shirts getting quickly worn and faded, BLANC’s gentle processes can help you avoid the dangers posed by your average launderer. How do we do this?

Our shirt service consists of:

  • Pre-spotting every single shirt to treat any stains and identify any particular requirements of the shirt. We focus on careful treatment of collars and cuffs, and launder your shirts with the highest quality eco friendly detergents.
  • Pressing each shirt by hand to the highest standard.
  • Folding your shirts if you choose. Very practical when you’re travelling! If not specified, we will return your shirts on hangers.
  • Picking up your laundry and delivering it back at your home once cleaned. All you have to do is book with our online booking webapp!

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