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Our Top 12 Ethical & Sustainable Influencers To Follow

It’s sometimes hard to navigate through the jungle of what influencers to follow and, as the term suggests, get influenced by. At BLANC, we feel lucky to have lots of inspiring people in our Instagram feed, who are as concerned as we are with leaving the right kind of planet to our children, and living minimally - both in terms of impact, and in terms of what to surround ourselves with.

So, if you are looking to eco up your Instagram feed with sustainable fashion, clean beauty and zero-waste lifestyle inspo, this list of ethical influencers will act as your ultimate reference for the most positive feed of all:

ethical inspiration

Francesca Willow @ethicalunicorn

As a fighter for social justice and an advocate for sustainability, Francesca wants to bring some clarity on the best practices to adopt for a more ethical lifestyle. Not only does she have an incredibly informative Instagram page, but her blog is a gem for anyone looking for a holistic approach to sustainability. On both, she discusses the clearly visible issues and also busts some unexpected myths.

Max La Manna @maxlamanna

Sustainability and zero waste life hacks are on vegan chef Max La Manna’s menu. He is passionate about sustainability and environmental conservation across the world, and recently released the book ‘More Plants Less Waste’. There he demonstrates colourful and plant-based recipes for conscious cooking. Good food that is also vegan and waste-free? We will never say no to that!

Besma @besmacc

Feeling like a sustainable lifestyle is hard to adopt? Besma is an ethical fashion blogger documenting her everyday conscious choices. From her blog Curiously Conscious, you'll get all the eco-friendly shortcuts you need and makes sustainability feel effortless. She manages to integrate all aspects of her life on her platforms: food, travel, fashion, beauty… the list only goes on! A good one to start your own journey with.

Besma favourite conscious influencer

Beauty By Tahira @tahira_makeup

Finding natural beauty products that give good results and are manufactured in a way that treats people, animals and the earth with respect can seem like a mission impossible. Luckily, you no longer need to spend hours analysing cosmetics reviews: Beauty By Tahira curates an amazing space to learn about green beauty. She has the best tips for both makeup and skincare along with instructive tutorials for the ultimate glow or the matt streak-free skin surface - whichever you prefer!

Emily Broughton @savingthegrace

Emily is committed to saving the world, and more specifically its oceans, rivers and glaciers, which are all, sadly, under threat. Her mission is to spread awareness around how every action, from the food we eat to the clothes we wear, affect the world’s water resources. Emily’s blog acts as a simple step-by-step guide for a more healthy and eco-friendly life.

Karen Maurice @n4mummy

Since becoming a mum, Karen has felt more compelled to reflect on the impact that the fast fashion industry has on people and our planet. Through her blog, she is challenging herself to think beyond the latest high street trend and has now adopted the mantra “buy less, choose well, make it last”. As much as she is committed to sustainability, Karen remains fashion forward with a modern style filled with colours and attitude. We love! 

n4mummy ethical influencer

Jack Harries @jackharries

A documentary photographer, filmmaker and activist, or as we would like to call him: a sustainable multi-tasker! Widely known for his Youtube channel ‘Jack’s Gap’, Jack has, in recent years, become an environmental activist fighting against the climate crisis we are currently facing. His love for the planet has led him to become an ambassador for WWF and an important voice for the London-based activist group Extinction Rebellion.

Livia Van Heerde @liviavanheerde

Is your inner fashionista in constant debate with your ethical values? With a profound love for fashion and an everlasting commitment to sustainability, Livia manages to combine the two with elegant style whilst staying true to her values. All outfits featured on her blog, are ethical, sustainable and vegan (and very fashionable!).

Immy Lucas @sustainably_vegan

Immy Lucas makes the low impact lifestyle look like a dream. Her account consists of zero waste tips, talks about environmentalism and the benefits of veganism. She is also the founder of Low Impact Movement, an educational platform aiming to spread awareness on the waste epidemic and help consumers change their habits.

sustainably vegan green influencer

Stories behind things @storiesbehindthings

Founded by best friends Jemma Finch and Ella Grace Denton, Stories Behind Things' mission is to encourage and empower the younger generations to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. With the idea of consuming consciously and celebrating the stories behind the things we have in our lives, they host events such as clothes swaps and arts and crafts workshops to spark creativity within their followers.

Ed Winters @earthlinged

Ed is a vegan educator, public speaker and content creator who is fighting for animals’ rights. Justice, compassion and equality are his catchwords and sum up well what he wants to accomplish. In February 2019, he launched The Disclosure Podcast where he interviews vegans as well as non-vegans to get all kinds of perspectives on the subject.

Venetia Falconer @venetiafalconer

Presenter, producer, podcaster, influencer… Tell us something she has not done! In her 5 star rated podcast ‘Talking Tastebuds’, she conducts interviews with a lot of interesting people, such as Livia Firth, Lucy Siegle and Chris Smalling. Not to mention all her other social media channels where she posts about her vegan lifestyle crossing on topics such as sustainable fashion and mental health.

ethical inspiration

At BLANC we cannot help but repeatedly hit the like button on these 12 trendsetters - then again, who can blame us?

We want to give each of these incredible influencers a virtual high-five, and thank them for the contribution they make, in their own small or big way, to minimising the impact us humans are having on this planet of ours. We hope this inspires you to make your Instagram feed a whole lot greener and creates a spark to awaken your inner eco-warrior!

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