Natural Soap for Stain Removal on Textiles

Natural Soap for Stain Removal on Textiles

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  • Natural soap for stain removal on textiles
  • The 100% natural and easy way of removing stains

Eco-friendly and effective against stains caused by fruit, coffee, tea, grass, blood, grease, wine, ink etc. Made in France from Sommières Clay and Orange Essential Oil.

Sommieres Clay is a 100% natural fine clay powder originating from France with powerful degreasing properties. It is a very good natural stain remover for grease stains, including oil, butter or even make-up on delicate fabrics, floors and furniture.

How to use:  Dampen the fabric and the soap. Rub the stain and leave for a few minutes. For persistent stains leave for 2-3 hours.  Wash and rinse by hand or by machine. Repeat if necessary.
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