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How To Be an Eco-friendly Skier

The highlight of the winter season is finally in full swing - it’s ski time! There is something special and mindful about skiing, being surrounded by nature, the fresh mountain breeze and the tickle in your tummy when you are gliding down the slopes.

Being as close to nature as you are on the slopes is wonderful, but let’s make sure it is not detrimental to the surrounding ecosystems. Even though we wish you a snow-white holiday, BLANC wants to inspire you to spice up your trip with some green tips! We promise, being eco-minded in the slopes is as easy as ABC and our planet will express its gratitude by providing many more ski trips in the years to come.

Eco-friendly skier

Donate Used Equipment

Are you a ski fanatic? Or maybe trying the slopes for the first time? Either way, it’s not rocket science to assume that changes in technology, your ability and body growth, are all indicators which will determine whether you need new gear for your trips. Therefore, used and older ski equipment might not be of much use to you, but it might be for others. There are a bunch of charities and organisations willing to take your gear off your hands! Porter’s Progress is one of them, a British charity that supplies outdoor wear and equipment for mountain porters in Nepal. Running along similar lines, Wrap Up London collects warm outerwear to keep homeless people warm during the colder time of the year. Have a look for what you might not need; wardrobes, garages and attics are no place for skiwear, there is always someone who needs to keep warm!

Abide by the ski slope rules

There can be more than one reason that rules were implemented along the slopes. If coming across a sign saying ‘out of bounds’, it is essential that you respect that; not only is this a safety warning, but areas out of bounds could be meant to protect ecosystems and wildlife, something that the right kinds of ski resorts will urge you to respect. EOCA (European Outdoor Conservation Association) encourages winter sports enthusiasts to be responsible mountain visitors. Observe wildlife from a distance: following or approaching wild animals is not recommended as this is likely to increase their level of stress. Moreover, avoid skiing on sensitive areas without complete snow cover: if your skis slice through vegetation it may take years to revitalise.

Mountain snow ski

Choose chemical-free wax

If you’ve been following our blog here at BLANC, you know we’re big fans of always checking the labels before we buy something new. The “why?” is simple: to avoid getting exposed to unnecessary toxins in our everyday life. Ski wax is no exception as it has been found to contain fluorinated carbons, which can have serious effects on our health and the environment. Butta eco wax contains only safe and locally sourced ingredients while still maintaining high quality to make your skis move faster for longer.

Pick up your litter

Planning on enjoying a cosy family picnic in the snow with a white landscape view? Or some snacks for the slopes? Nothing beats a delicious reward during long and active days, but remember to bring the packaging back with you once you are finished and recycle it once you are back at the resort. Another option is to aim for the zero-waste alternative which carries endless amounts of opportunities in terms of practical equipment - all you need is some committed preparation! S´well Bottles are designed with ThermaS'well Technology, which keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. Coffee that is drinkable for 12 hours? Sold! Perfect for a day on the slopes and without a thought of unnecessary littering. We believe in leaving nature looking the same as when we arrived - the only thing you should leave behind is your ski trails!!

Ski equipment

Support sustainable brands (or rent your skiwear)

Brands with nature at the top of their minds are hard to find, and wanting comfortable and fashionable pieces doesn’t make the situation any easier. We researched this conundrum thoroughly, and found three ways you can be sustainable and still look good gliding down the slopes!

1. Let’s start with Patagonia, the most obvious as they are widely known for transparency and how pioneering they have been in taking care of our planet for decades (Let My People Go Surfing is a staple in the BLANC library, but that is yet another topic!). Patagonia is an opponent to fast fashion, whose mission is to build the best product and cause no unnecessary harm to the planet in doing so.

2. Second up is Picture Organic Clothing: since 2008 the French brand has blessed the world with superb quality and environmentally friendly technical ski and snowboard outerwear and apparel. On their website, they are stating that it takes 50 recycled plastic bottles in order to produce one jacket - definitely an exciting brand to check out!

3. Your skiwear is something you typically don’t use as much as other outfits (at least not in the UK), so maybe it’s not necessary to own all that equipment. If you don’t use it yearly, most likely you don’t need to. Not to mention all that storage space bulky ski gear requires. The solution? Renting! There are lots of websites where you can hire all the ski equipment you need. Ski-chic is one of them - they will even deliver to your resort!

Care for ski shoes

Maximise gear life with BLANC

Washing a waterproof jacket a few times per season is actually beneficial. During regular use, the clothing amasses soil from external sources as well as from your own body which can eventually lower its performance, since dirt and grime can hinter the waterproofing and breathability of the item. When cleaned, skiwear needs to receive special care as the materials are often different from the rest of your wardrobe.

Taking your ski jacket to the conventional dry cleaners might be a bad idea because of the waterproof coating applied on most skiwear, as the toxic cleaning chemicals used in the process are very harsh and might damage the coating. Wet cleaning or CO2 cleaning are more appropriate options for these types of wears as these processes don’t involve any of those harsh chemicals used by traditional dry cleaning. As opposed to using solvents like PERC, our process instead uses natural and biodegradable detergents, water and/or liquid carbon dioxide - which are kinder to your ski items, as well as looking after your health and the planet. You can book your time slot online with BLANC here or visit one of our London stores; we promise a careful clean that will blow new life into your skiwear season after season!

Clean your skiwear

With these tips at the forefront of your mind, we wish you incredible and sustainable skiing adventures for many years to come. We hope you will all be inspired to become eco-skiers - we know we certainly will try our best!

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