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The 17 Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Brands We Love

At BLANC, we have strong environmental values that we apply throughout everything we do as a company.

The first step is to look at what we do as a business. For example to recycle everything including the boxes that we use to send customers parcels for their online orders, our daily office paper waste, and we only print on recycled paper.

The next step in being eco-friendly in everything we do is to make sure we work with suppliers and partners who share the same mindset. We think this is a really important step which we can take in our own personal lives as well as our professional ones. Choosing to consume from ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly companies and brands is something we can all do to make a difference.

Of course, sometimes this is not easy and we find that the most important thing is not to let the feeling you have to be perfect stop you from trying! Realising that there could be some easy improvements in our behaviour, and changing our habits progressively can be an interesting and rewarding journey.

sustainable marketplace Rêve en vert

So if you are just starting to explore eco-friendly living, we think you’ll soon find it’s not just better for the planet but also a great way to shop. Here is a list of cool brands that you can check out:


  • Rêve En Vert: clothing, accessories, natural beauty & activewear. They sell clothes and accessories from sustainable fashion labels.
  • Gather&See: clothing, accessories and jewellery. Sustainable fashion, you can shop by philosophy (fair trade, organic, heritage, small scale production or eco friendly), knowing that the clothes showcased mostly include several of them.
  • TRAID: they collect second-hand clothing from people that don’t want to wear anymore. Their goal: Stop Clothes Waste.
  • ASOS Recycled Denim: because jeans are extremely polluting. Did you know that a typical pair of jean takes 90 gallons of water to produce? ASOS Recycled Denim use a mix of recycled cotton and Cotton Made In Africa, and we can only applaud.

High Fashion

  • Stella McCartney: inspirational designer known for her beautiful creations and her engagement in ecology and sustainable fashion.

VEJA shoes sustainable brands


  • Veja: the coolest sustainable trainers you can find. They use natural rubber that is directly tapped from Amazonian trees (not rubber derived from petroleum), organic cotton, have a vegan shoe line and have the fair trade certification. And as a result, the trainers are splendid. What can we say more?


  • Le Pain Quotidien: the founder of Le Pain Quotidien (‘The Daily Bread’) is a Belgian. You'll find handmade and delicious bread with organic and seasonal ingredients. All the French expats working at BLANC proclaim that it’s the best bread that is made in London, hands down!
  • Whole Foods Markets: a wide range of sustainable and organic produce and products.

Tangent GC detergents

Household products

  • Bio D: his brand use only ingredients that are plant-based or naturally derived, which results in household products that are natural, effective and kinder to the environment. Their packaging is entirely recyclable, and has also been made from recycled materials. You can  buy from them detergents, household cleaners, laundry bleach and much more.
  • Tangent GC: Tangent GC use 100% natural substances, only essential oils. They sell fantastic detergents for all kinds of material- such as fabric softeners and stain remover, plus top quality shoe care sets. Want to clean your denim items with a specialized product? They will have it!  
  • Common Good: all of their product range - which includes soaps, detergents, linen water, household cleaners - are made with plant-based ingredients and scented with 100% pure essential oils. They also reduce plastic use by offering refillable bottles. 


  • Goldfinger Factory: a great social company of interior design with the backing of col celebrity chef Tom Dixon. It sells stylish furniture that are made from pieces of waste materials that are left behind, and never use new materials.
  • Knotistry: natural flooring of all types and they also have an eco friendly range. Their eco-friendly range of carpets is 100% natural.
  • Ethical Lighting: the lamps sold by Ethical lighting are made from reclaimed timber and recycled steel. Each piece is unique. Even the light bulbs are energy efficient. Perfect to set a Scandi style in your home!

Sustainable cosmetic brand


  • PHB Ethical Beauty: a family business which sells eco-friendly, palm oil free, animal cruelty free, and vegan beauty products. In addition to being perfect from an ethical and environmental point of view, they are also nice products with a super range of specific products according to your type of skin and hair. 
  • Content Beauty Wellbeing: the beauty products sold in this organic and natural apothecary are entirely organic, with no synthetic chemicals used. The range of products is large and cool. 


  • Blue Patch: marketplace that showcases a large range of eco-friendly British brands: from clothing and beauty brands to interior decor and wellbeing brands. You can find nearly everything on Blue Patch!

We hope you enjoy exploring some lovely things which make taking more care of our planet a real joy!

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