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Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth is a movement of people who wants to protect the planet.

They work for a cleaner, healthier, fairer world to everyone with a safer climate, flourishing nature and healthier air, water and food.

Their three main fields of action are:

  • Protecting everyone's home and local environment.
  • Promote safe and healthy food and water everywhere.
  • Support alternative energy solutions.

Home & local environment

Friends of the Earth's ongoing campaigns include fighting plastics and air pollution, saving the climate and the bees, and reducing waste. So far they have achieved banning bee-harming pesticides in the EU, make it illegal for landlords to let out properties which do not meet a minimum energy efficiency standard, and rejecting plans for an opencast coal mine on the Northumberland coast. 

Food & water

Friends of the Earth believe that the food we eat affects our environment from growing to processing, transporting, selling and throwing it away. That is why they are currently campaigning for eating less and better meat, avoid food waste and supporting farmers. 


Friends of the Earth are encouraging recycling and the use of renewable energy in the UK to protect the planet and people's health. They even have a green tips page on their website where they suggest alternatives to plastic and solutions to waste less food & water at home.

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