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BLANC works with a number of charities.

Blanc Re-Fashion


Re-Fashion is an online platform which has made it easy to donate your high-quality clothes. You can order a donation bag on their website, and mail your unwanted clothes to them for free. They will resell them to raise vital funds for charities.


Make a difference by donating your clothes to Re-Fashion. Their beautiful donation bags are now available in all our stores.

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TRAID is a charity which turns clothes waste into funds & resources to reduce their environmental and social impacts. They seek to increase clothes reuse, improve conditions & working practices in the textile industry, and teach people how to make sustainable choices.


We donate to TRAID all the clothes that our customers don't want back and they sell them in their charity stores or reuse them.

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Blanc Action on Addiction

Action on Addiction

Action on Addiction is a charity offering residential rehab and community-based addiction treatment. They provide residential and day treatment for addictions including drugs, alcohol and gambling. They also offer family support programmes and training.


We give Action on Addiction clothes to help people who have suffered from an addiction to reintegrate society & find a job.

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Blanc Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth is a movement working with local groups, experts, business leaders and politicians across 74 countries to protect everyone's home and local environment, promote safe & healthy food and water everywhere, and supports alternative energy solutions.


If you prefer to buy reusable plastic bags when you visit our stores rather than using our kraft bags, your money will be given to Friends of the Earth.

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