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Action on Addiction

Action on Addiction is a national charity which provides community-based addiction treatment.

They provide life-changing treatment to individuals and families dealing with drug, alcohol & gambling addictions, and others.

They are trying to help by providing:

  • Treatment to people suffering from an addiction.
  • A family support programme for their family members, partners and friends.
  • Vocational training for counsellors and professionals to help them develop skills and knowledge in the field of addiction. 

Addiction treatment

Leading experts and institutions provide residential and community- based addiction treatment including assessments, detox, medical care, group therapies, counselling and education. They also help people getting back to their lives.

Family support

Action on Addiction provides a family and friends support programme to give them a safe place where they can speak together about their experiences and understand their situation. They can also find information about addictions.


Students and professionals can take face to face or online courses to develop skills in the field of addiction.

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